Indian Land

No, NOT East Indian land. That’ll take at least another 15 years. And no, not West Indian land. Although things are getting close. The Mayor is talking about the First Nation type of Indians. You know, the one’s with the casinos and cheap smokes and booze.

Pretty interesting map. There are something in the neighbourhood of a zillion smaller Indian tribes not mentioned on the map, but overall the big tribes are represented. Or they may not be. The Mayor is Irish.

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  1. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Furthermore, many archaeologists and anthropologists now understand that there may have been 100 million people in the so-called Americas prior to the arrival of the Europeans. They had cities, sophisticated trading relationships, and technologies that rivaled the best of the Europeans and Asians, even 5,000 years ago. Diseases brought by the early explorers killed 9 of every 10 inhabitants before the Europeans ever got inland. Made the job of exterminating the locals much easier as time went on.

  2. Andy (with white letters) Says:

    9 out of 10 died from diseases that didn’t kill the early explores or Europeans? That’s a pretty shitty immune system.

  3. dicklater Says:

    I wonder how they all got along? Being so cramped and all…….

  4. Mr Fnortner Says:

    If ur srs, the Europeans brought smallpox and other diseases like measles. Diseases were communicated via escaped pigs and cattle, and by blankets traded by the Europeans, among other ways. The diseases moved as fast as the Indians traded with each other, and much faster than the Europeans explored inland. The book 1491 by Charles C. Mann is an excellent starting point for understanding this as well as pre-Columbian life in the Americas. I’ll refund double the cost of this advice if you don’t find the book totally fascinating.

  5. Mr Fnortner Says:

    PS–Immunity evolves in a population as disease infiltrates and eliminates the vulnerable. The (accidental) survivors then pass along the immunity to later generations. As a rule, a population has no immunity to diseases it hasn’t met before.

  6. Buck Says:

    I wanna know why the Indians got all the cool names… like Kawkiutl, Yurok, and Momo, just to name three… and I’m stuck with “Caucasian” or “Anglo-American, for those who prefer hyphenated shit. That just ain’t FAIR (no pun).

  7. Buck Says:

    Kwakiutl. Sorry.

  8. Al the fish Says:

    The picture is a little too small to see where the Warren tribe of Massachusetts originated.

  9. Fred Z Says:

    “many archaeologists and anthropologists now understand…”

    Pure CBC speak, and meaning only: “I am passing on wholly unsubstantiated rumour in an attempt to lie to you to further my hatred of western civilization, and I am going to use all the riches and power of western civilization to do it, all unaware of my ridiculous hypocrisy.”

  10. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Hey, I think “western civilization” is great (actually being part of it). OTOH, I think it’s a crime that our ancestors destroyed an entire half-globe’s worth of human beings and their cultures through ignorance, intolerance, religion, greed, delusions of grandeur, exceptionalism, and inhumanity–sort of like what the US government is doing around the world today. Truth needs no citations, but you can use Google as a tool to look for current scholarship on pre-Columbian history and peoples if you’d like.

  11. The Mayor Says:

    Al the Fish wins the interwebs with that one!

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