Ize Not Just Gonna Learn To Walks, Ize Gonna Learns To Runs!

After a little bit of controversy regarding their new “chain and shackle” shoes, ADIDAS has apologized to those offended, and will not bring them to market:

Shoe company Adidas has cancelled its new controversial sneaker before it even hit the shelves.

The JS Roundhouse Mid shoes, which feature a bright orange chain and ankle strap, came under fierce criticism with people likening the features to slave chains and prison shackles.

Adidas also apologized if people were offended even though they said the sneakers weren’t meant to be a symbol of oppression.

Halfway through the article, it dawned on The Mayor that the reason there aren’t many African Canadians© living in our northern communities has less to do with the cold weather and horrible winter conditions, but because they can’t handle seeing chains on tires when it snows.

ADIDAS did the right thing by canceling the slavery shoe. There are certain things that are accepted in the US and certain things that are taboo. A urine soaked Jesus floating in a jar of piss is ok, an undeclared race war which blacks are slaughtering whites seems to be just fine, an even having a president giving the go-ahead to ship guns to Mexican drug cartels, only to have those same guns used in deadly crimes against US citizens seems cricket – but chains on shoes?What are you, a plantation owner or something?

It is obvious that race is still an issue that Americans need to address. And the best way to address the race issue are though threats, sanctions, and boycotts. Slaves probably didn’t wear shoes, but yet the ADIDAS shoe is canceled because an actual chain invokes imaginary images of slavery. Cancel the shoe. With that kind of logic, Americans may want to get rid of their cotton fields.

If ADIDAS wanted this idea to work, they would have changed the name of the shoe from “chain and shackle” to the Gladiator shoe. Heck, Gladiators were slaves, too.

Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen….

5 Responses to “Ize Not Just Gonna Learn To Walks, Ize Gonna Learns To Runs!”

  1. nninnio Says:

    Of course, the real problem is that these shoes would have sold like hotcakes, especially amongst the socially conscious and progressive youth of American inner cities.

    Kinda like hating Wall Street but loving Apple, Nike and Colt 45 malt liquor; Brutha caint hep hissef.

  2. Pseudonym Says:

    Yeah I can see these shoes going over about as well as the Urban Outfitters Holocaust t-shirts.


  3. Andy Says:

    And the decision has saved alot of black kids’ lives as they won’t be topping each other (or others) to steal the shoes.

  4. Al the fish Says:

    They should still sell them to inner city ‘utes, they’re like training wheels for the inevitable real thing.

  5. Binky Says:

    You are clearly not a little-ot. You, sir, are a big-ot. See what I did there? Plus, I didn’t have to brain at all by responding to your actual wordage. Twofer! Kneejerks– saving people from thinking things through pretty much forever.

    And more further, I get tired of people bitching about symbolic racism when were have lostsa actual humans of various colours being trafficked or employed in slavish conditions this very second, world-wide– and Canuckistan is a major hub for same, since we’re pretty much idiots when it comes to noticing what’s actually happening in our own backyard. Mind you, if slavery is part of the rich cultural diversity that many new Canadians bring with them, who are we intolerants to say no?

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