Good job, Shirley. Through your public pronouncement, it has come to our attention that you have been lacing brownies with marijuana and bringing them into work. We have a zero tolerance policy here at Sprockley Sprocket’s when it comes to drug use. Seeing as though you have admittedly brought drugs onto company property, we have no other choice than to terminate your contract with extreme prejudice. We have also reported you to the local law enforcement officials and the FBI.

Checkmate, indeed.

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  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I’d like to bring some of those into Revenue Canada’s lunch room.

    … but I doubt they have any drug testing going on there.

  2. Malcolm Says:

    I’m betting that this whole things is a setup by someone who heard about the testing and knew they would piss dirty.
    Besides, who makes pot brownies with their 9 year old daughter? I can’t think of a 9 year old who would share their stash with their parents.

  3. Wolfie Says:

    I thought she might have been serious when I saw the bold type but when she went all caps that was exciting and a little scary.

    And Mr. Mayor, just because the kick-ass note writer has a husband does not necessarily mean the sex of said person is female. If you would listen and heed more the writings of Fenris you might not be such a bigoted misogynist.

    There is ice in my glass, marinated in tequila, as I read Mitchieville and life couldn’t be sweeter.

  4. mare Says:

    If only he/she would have kept their trap shut. Oh, the hilarity of a whole office being fired.

  5. mikeg81 Says:

    But is she hot?

  6. dmorris Says:

    Here in B.C., we also have drug testing for each and every job/career available.

    There IS one small difference,though;

    If you haven’t used marijuana,at the very least, we don’t want you,as you probably have f***ed up thought processes.

  7. Mike Freeman Says:

    I disagree with this post, so, as a leftist, I will resort to character assassination and name calling to advance my agenda.

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