The Sleeping Sword

When you wake up in the morning, you have the certainty that your oppressors are waking up too. Have they slept well? Did they giggle at the misfortune they have inflicted upon you? Gave an overgenerous tip with your confiscated money? Can you easily see them wallowing in your wealth, resources, and property; with a secure wall of nigoons, hacks, media, and acid freak university professors separating your hands from their windpipe? This is a common feeling in the morning, a common feeling for many. The multitude that is the working class is oppressed; they serve the never workers, they are ground under by the elites and their henchmen. There is nothing you can do. Your sword sleeps.

The sword only sleeps for those few who understand and embrace the Christian faith. Like, who is that now a days? After decades of leftist persecution of Christianity how many are left? What Christian state would allow abortion? None. This is no Christian state. Other abominations, blasphemies, and desecrations abound. Do I have to mention them? Many are now state funded, which is to say paid for with your confiscated income. You know this, much as you do not have to look down to tell the difference between stepping in dog turd or stepping on a used condom. So, why saddle yourself with the burden of that persecuted faith? The progressives do not want you to muddy yourself with Christian morality: you can wash your hands in the blood of vengeance.

Methods. Well, there is still a law enforcement system. Sure, it is biased in favor of a diversity of oppressed Hypenated-Canadians. You hear the whispers, you see them verified by their absence in the Bolshevik press. And you are on the wrong side of the biased justice system: you are one of the Normals. So machete justice is as forbidden to you as use of the N-word. But think back to the pre-Christian past, to the happy days of pagan worship. Indeed, a physical act of vengeance as revenge is not allowed, you white racist tax paying scum. You can, however, look to the Old Ways for satisfaction. Curse them. Put a spell on them. Direct the forces of Nemesis, the Furies, and the Gorgons upon them. For the discerning post Christian Pagan, the most false god is best: Set, the Snake God.

The formula: Remind Set, the Snake God of how effective he is. Mention your situation: how you have been hard done by. Include details. Ask Set, the Snake God why such a oppressor as you have oppressing you can still not feel the bite, the splash of venom, the slash of the tail. Your cause is just: welcome Set, the Snake God out of his subterranean lair and unleash him on those that vex you. Even the fast vanishing competent police detectives (thank you employment equity) will never have a clue that it is your invitation of the intervention of the Great Devourer of Souls has worked the grisly deed. No Christian would approve; but no progressive approves of Christians: the logic is simple: feed the progressives to the Demons the Christians warned you about.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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  1. Godless Commie Says:

    “No Christian would approve; but no progressive approves of Christians: the logic is simple: feed the progressives to the Demons the Christians warned you about. ”


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