Cooking With The Mayor

When it comes to cooking segments around Mitchievile, most of you are use to Fenris taking the lead on such enterprises. Whether it’s Fenris’s world-famous Goulash, or his special Prune Mush recipes, Fenris has delighted Mitchievillians for years and years and years and years and years. However, Fenris is away in Port Stanley, Ont this week at a diversity workshop, so The Mayor has decided to step in and grace these pages with one of his favourite recipes, the Squirmy Jelly Worm.

The instructions are in the graphic, so The Mayor can’t add much more than that, but if you’re seeking another nutritious alternative with a twist, The Mayor suggests using whiskey instead if Jelly, and shot-glasses instead of straws. Drink until your children seem obedient, and always make sure to drink a few glasses of water before bed.

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  1. Malcolm Says:

    Good idea

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