I Take Thee To Be My Unlawfully Wedded Wife

The RCMP always gets their man. In this case though, they got their man and woman. And man and woman. And man and woman…

According to a RCMP statement released Tuesday, Montreal police have charged 39 people in relation to an investigation into a massive fake marriage scheme which could involve hundreds of “suspicious marriages.”

“The investigation revealed that Mr. [Amadou] Niang, a bogus immigration consultant who is believed to be the mastermind behind this scheme, provided advice on how to submit misrepresented facts to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to individuals whose visas were due to expire,” the statement reads.

“Specifically, he organized fake marriages with the assistance of accomplices to allow these individuals originating from North Africa to remain in Canada. The network recruited young Canadian women in the Montréal area and arranged for them to participate in marriages of convenience in exchange for money.”

Remember though, this is just a few naughty individuals soaking the system and isn’t a reflection in any way of the zillions and zillions of decent North African’s that are very, very, very law abiding. The Mayor can’t stress this enough, a few thousand fake marriages shouldn’t skew your viewpoint of a normally very, very, very law abiding group.

While the evidence points to an increase in marriage fraud, immigration attorney Michael Niren insists the problem isn’t as bad as it seems.

“It should be pointed out that the vast majority of sponsorship applications are legitimate, submitted by well-intended applicants,” he told Yahoo! Canada News.

That is so true. The vast majority, upwards of 99.9999999% of immigrants abide by Canadian law and would never do anything to cross the line. Just because a few thousand, or even a few tens of thousands of North Africans, Chinese, Indian’s and Pakistani’s abuse the system, does not mean we should paint all these groups with a sweeping brush. For immigrants – especially the North African one’s, are noble.

There are certain countries where marriage fraud cases seem to be more prevalent such as in India, China and Pakistan. But it I can’t stress enough that most of these cases are for real.”

And The Mayor would also like to stress that most cases are real. Do not let a few hundred, or thousand, or tens of thousands, or even hundred of thousands of false marriage claimants spoil your view of the hundreds and hundreds of immigrants that come to Canada legally and would never dream of breaking the law. And even though the case today in question involves one lawyer and hundreds of cases, and even though there are literally tens of thousands of immigration lawyers representing hundreds of thousands of immigrants from India, Pakistan and North Africa, you can be rest assured that the majority of these claimants are on the up-and-up. How do we know this, you ask?Because the media says so.

Immigrants are the thread and wool that is needled together into the tapestry that makes our society into the giant throw cushion we call Canada. And if you ever doubt the positive impact immigrants from third world countries have on our society, ask yourself this one simple question – Was Canada a better or worse place twenty five years ago before the government instituted the policy of mass immigration?

Now go sleep well.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Perhaps we should get in on the bandwagon and start to arrange these marriages for immigration purposes, too. But we, as never racist leftists, can do it better.

    We can arrange bogus polygamist marriages to raving homosexuals for immigration purposes! Think of the happy smile on our latest crop of liberal voters when they discover their blushing bride is an over six foot deck hand with a taste for wigs. Har har har. Jolly good fun.

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