Thanks For The Help, National Geographic

Keep in mind, to get the shot of the guy with the video camera, there had to be another guy shooting him. Most likely, there were upwards of 60 – 70 “photo journalista’s” at this particular snake dance. And considering it’s a dance, the young lad with the python around his leg doesn’t look like he’s having a jolly good time. Perhaps he doesn’t dance. Frickin’ prude.

2 Responses to “Thanks For The Help, National Geographic”

  1. Fred Z Says:

    Whadya mean “doesn’t look happy”? He looks as happy as a man can be with a small snake coiling around his leg, with full protection, and lotsa dough coming from 8 bazillion honky news guys recording the spectacle.

    He’s a lousy actor though, the expression of fear on his face is quite unbelievable.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Being eaten by a reptile is quite an honor for this youngster. Too bad they did not let him be eaten.

    As a follower of Set, the Snake God, I have watched many being eaten by snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and, on a memorable Christmas, a Komodo dragon. Digestion is a spiritual process that uplifts the soul.

    A fatwa has been issued against the scum who have besmirched our beliefs. They will be splashed with mayonnaise and crowned with parsley.

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