Thinking about the unthinkable

I have a buddy and he is an accelerationist. He wants the fall to come soon, and deep. There has to be a Tribulation before society can rebuild. The Tribulation should come sooner, rather than later. He wants social unrest. He wants to get from darkness, through the crisis, to the light.

I met up with him for an afternoon of conversation, beer, and food. He is my friend and I want to know how he is doing. I want to know what he is doing, too. It never hurts to have a survivalist, er, preparationist, in the loop. I have my cache of water, dried beans, camping gear in the car, and warm socks for the long cold winter. Maybe more is better. You know.

I asked the accelerationist about the election. I was surprised at the answer. He said he was a) hoping for an Obama victory, and b) was voting for Obama himself. Ugh.

Obama, the accelerationist choice.
Honestly, would Romney actually do the things he says he is going to do? After a long string of RINO’s, CINO’s, and other liberals in conservative clothing, he has no faith in politicians. None at all. An X on the ballot will not get you relief; an X on the ballot is a choice between Bolshevik and Bolshevik lite. He made examples of the failures of the anti abortion movement: they worked hard for candidates; gave money; got a few elected. Then, their bought and paid for pols went red on them. Likewise with the other issues: gun control, crime, immigration for votes. All the while society marches deeper into the pit. Faster under the open Bolsheviks; just a little slower under the Bolsheviks in Conservative clothing. The collapse will occur under Bolshevism, we all agree. After the collapse, things will get better. But the accelerationists no longer believe that the collapse can be avoided. Reform is not possible with the extensive tapeworming of the white Marxist traitors in academia, bureaucracy, the judiciary, and the media. Reform is not an option; only Collapse. So, if you want relief, you work for the Collapse. What better way to bring on the Collapse than to bring on the socialists. Bring on the full fury of socialism: to print money, stuff the bureaucracy with incompetent employment equity hires, and lard down the cities with diseased never workers. Obama is The Man. Romney, even at his best, merely prolongs the wait for the inevitable. Time to get it over. End the Age, vote for Sauron, er, Obama.

I told the accelerationist that his theory is based on the belief that votes do not matter. He corrected me. Vote left matters. Vote left means more taxes and more programs and more regulations. Vote right means maybe more taxes, maybe more programs, and maybe more regulations. There is no hope that a reduce taxes, reduce programs, reduce regulations candidate, if elected, will actually reduce. He shrugged. Given reality, both of the need for reduction, and of the failure to produce promised reductions, a realist can have no confidence in Reform. Do you need details? I waved my hand at him, no. I am fully aware of the failure of elected conservatives to act conservative. My empty wallet reminds me daily.

The Collapse. I tried to frame the concept as ‘a collapse’, something that might or might not happen. The accelerationist considers it inevitable; I was hoping to keep the idea of avoidable. I shrugged. It is not for me to convince others, but to record their thoughts accurately. Oh well. For the accelerationist, The Collapse is Inevitable. If you think that a collapse is coming, is inevitable, then I suggest you clarify your beliefs and reassess your actions. If the collapse is The Collapse, then I suggest you shape your agenda to tailor The Collapse to your ends, to your ultimate edification. And what better way to hurry The Collapse than to vote for the Bolsheviks, er, Obama.

Anyone can vote in the American Election. The accelerationist has embarked on a campaign of infiltration. Lone wolf style, he affiliated with one of the many leftist organizations out there (I will not tell you which one). Gosh darn, they are ready and willing to help lost chilluns vote in American elections. Open borders you know. Now my accelerationist buddy has access to the franchise. Admittedly, he is voting twice for BO in solid BO states (that is, California) and, for spite, for Romney in a swing state. He gloats over how his willingness to whore after the idols of Bolshevism is reaping financial rewards for his bunker supplies fund, topping up his larder and arsenal. He showed me his leftist scarves, pins, and other tokens of the great rewards from a cash rich, manpower poor red movement.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Somehow this ties in nicely with more ice cream for the kids.

    I always liked ice cream. As a child, I don’t recall having enough of it.
    My nephews have it so often, they’ve grown tired of it.

    They don’t know where plants come from, aside from “the store”
    I tried to explain the concept of “darning socks” to them. They couldn’t understand it, because they couldn’t understand why anyone would bother… How ’bout some pizza pops you guys? The response to their grandma is normally, “sure, we’re in the living room when they’re done”.

    … faster Fenris, faster.

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    read the comments

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    So many people, so little ice cream…

  6. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven

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