Mathematics 36961

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming. Ur, five horsemen, sorry. In our modern age we have upgraded, and there is political correctness to think about. Heaven forbid that any of the downtrodden not have a foot in the stirrup of destruction. You would not want them to think they are not empowered, not participating. It is a relief to know that when War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death come trotting in that a goodly number of the agents of apocalypse are our dark skinned never workers. Not only do you pay for their food, clothing, eternal education, and bed bug treatments, but you get to bleed, starve, cough, and croak at their hands.

The one percent are victims too. Take Mister Rizzuto, here. He is big in organized crime, apparently. So much so that he has just been released from a ten year sentence for the murder of three people; from New York state (that is where Hillary Clinton is Senator). A victim of racism and shortage of opportunities in Canada, Mister Rizzuto had emigrated to the United States to escape the racist shit hole that is Canada. Now, because of bias, he is forced back to this despicable country. What a mess Mister Rizzuto is finding in this racist shithole. Supposedly head of the Mafia (the Bonanno crime family, apparently) which is running the Quebec construction industry (and Ontario, it is rumored), poor Mister Rizzuto is faced with the problems of Quebec Nationalism, an unbalanced economy, and those lazy parasites called liberal voters. I wonder how Mister Rizzuto will deal with them all.

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  1. Al the fish Says:

    I don’t know about the other four arriving, but how about pestilence:

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