When The Mayor was 18 or 19, he had a friend who owned a pitbull. Nice enough dog, but stupid as the day is long. The dog was, the owner was slightly more intelligent. Anyway, one day The Mayor went to buddy’s place for lunch, and buddy came outside to grab something from his garage. As he came out of the garage, he slammed the door down – one of those 8 trillion pound garage doors, at the same time his pitbull decided to try to get into the garage. The door smashed the poor bastard on the head, and for a second The Mayor thought the dog was a goner. Wrong. The dog shook his head and looked up at his owner as if nothing happened. That shows the power of a pitbull’s head. You would be wise to remember this story, and for that matter, every story The Mayor has ever told. It just may save your life.

5 Responses to “Gifarific”

  1. Rob in Katy Says:

    Eh, missed it by that much….

  2. Retired Geezer Says:

    I could watch that for hours.

  3. Andy Says:

    I have watched this .gif at least 184 times, and it never gets old.

    I actually kicked a pitbull in the head with the pointed toe of my boot as he lunged toward my 2 year-old son’s neck back in 1985.

    Their heads are not as hard as you think.

    Stunned the bastard, as his owner came running and screaming at him while the miserable curr was pulling the 40 foot 2″ chain he had broken when he saw a small child that it would look like fun to kill!

    A Daddy can come up with lots of leg power when necessary…either applied to the head of a Pitbull, or to the ass of a child.

    Just sayin’…

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Good, too bad you didn’t kick its teeth right through the back of its worthless head.

    The Mayor is speaking of the owner, of course. A dog is just a dog, an owner that is reckless like that needs to get the chair. Or at least beaten with a chair.

  5. Andy Says:

    I was tempted, Mr. Mayor. Truly, I was.

    But, Daddy taught me to never hit a girl.

    Plus…I had business to take care of down the road, and didn’t have time to deal with the local police. Ross was riding along with me that day to give Mom a break. Damn near lost him. Those are things you NEVER forget.

    I hate effin’ Pitbulls.

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