Headline Of The Weak

The Mayor is pretty sure that’s where the phrase “Man, she sure has a nice set of puppies” came from.

Some folks might be looking at this and thinking there is something wrong with the lady in question. The Mayor is here to tell you that if it is true that animals are our future, then what this lady is doing is nothing short of heroic. She’s letting a pug dog breast feed right from the tap. There are groups of women from every corner of the world that do the same thing, and they are known as the “Pugly Women.” The Mayor has seen other pictures of these women, and he can tell you that yes, they are certainly pugly.

2 Responses to “Headline Of The Weak”

  1. cudgel Says:

    The stupid cow could suckle a calf with that milker.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    She’s packing more milk than a Mac’s.

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