Election 2012 – The Aftermath

The Mayor declares Conservative Suicide Watch© officially over.

It’s been nearly four months since the U.S election (one week? You sure?), and it’s time to move on and get going with our collective lives. Over the past week (seems longer, like four months), there has been a ton of bytes spilled by Conservative pundits – not very amusing, just the same tired crap over and over again. “How did we lose?” “What do we do next?” “Does Burger King still have Whopper Wednesday?”

The Burger King question is the only question worth asking and answering, and the answer is yes. And Whopper’s are delicious.

If we are to believe our liberal overlords, everything that happens can be a teachable moment. What is the teachable moment from last week’s election, you ask? Well, it’s a teachable moment no Conservative has dared mention. It’s a scary teachable moment for most Conservatives, the answer might send chills up the rugged ladder of your crooked spine.

Here’s the poop – Romney lost by about 3 million votes or so. When the tally was complete, Conservatives from under every rock in all 58 states started yapping that if Conservatives had just gotten out the vote more, Obama would be looking for a job right now. Boy, Republicans were this close (The Mayor is holding his index finger very closely to his thumb). The next time we’ll show ‘em, by gummit!


Now, many Conservatives in the senate, the congress, and pundits alike are starting to talk about siding with the democrats on issues like the millionaire tax, amnesty for non-documented humans, and a host of other issues. Boy, if we show liberals we’re really nice, next time they’ll definitely vote for us.


Here’s the poop again (You never really got the poop the first time, it was a teaser poop).

When Romney won the nomination for the party of stupid, many Conservatives swore up and down they would never vote for a northern liberal shack like Romney. As the election drew near, polls started showing Romney closing the gap, and many Conservative pundits started screeching from the rooftops that Obama is finished…if we can just get the vote out. “If you don’t vote, that’s a vote for Obama!” “A Vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama!”

Yadda yadda, you heard the calls.

So, many Conservatives held their noses and on election day voted for Obama-lite.

The result – Obama wins the popular vote by a few million votes.

In actuality, Obama had about 8 million fewer votes than he did in 2008, and the Republican had 2 million fewer votes.

And what is the lesson we are told – if the Conservative had gotten the vote out they would have won. The rino’s won again.

Now, had Conservatives stayed home en masse, and say Romney had gotten 15 million fewer votes than McCain did, do you think that would have sent a message to the Conservative leadership?

Expect another rino running in 2016 now, expect no change. The damage wasn’t severe enough.

The Republican party needs to burn to the ground.

Put it this way – in 2016 when Hillary runs, do you think Pawlenty will beat her?

Hell no, but he’ll get awfully close…if the Conservatives can get out the vote.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Obama will be handing over citizenship to some ten million illegals real soon. Plus the extra millions that are pooling up off shore.

    The only thing that can stop the welfare state is to have the economy dry up.

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