Horoscope for the week of November 18, 2012

The end of the week is more exciting than the beginning. Mars starts the week moving into exaltation in Capricorn, and the Moon is in detriment in the same sign. Venus is dethroned on Friday (she transits from Libra to Scorpio), the same day that Mars squares Uranus.

Neptune, ruling in Pisces (and moving direct) continues to instill a feeling of doom in all. For the evil ones amongst you, the doom is proportional to the evil; but the evil ones are not open at all about the clenching in their guts. Watch out for those people who are outwardly happy: they have dark scandals eating at them. Whilst Neptune does his thing, the war planet, Mars, is on the stage, answering to the Saturn and Pluto partnership. The crisis strikes suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday; a powerful woman falls from power, not in consequence, but it will appear so. The weekend will be full of loud sounds.

Aries: Lots of excitement for you this week, leading to some sort of crisis for you to dominate and direct on Friday. While the spilling of guts is going on, you will become aware of astounding advancements in the outer reaches of human knowledge.

Taurus: The war god smiles upon you this week, Taurus. You will be the faithful trooper, acting as scenic backdrop to the Great General. Friday will be the crisis and you will scoop up a nice bag of gold for your trouble. Channel your inner Visigoth mercenary leader.

Gemini: Your opinion on who to raise from the dead (to serve the war god who is ever hungry for manpower) is taken into consideration this week. The divine will come to you clothed as a stranger and engage you in casual conversation.

Cancer: Your week starts off with a resolution to improve your self administration and direction in life; this presupposes a crisis bringing to light some problems with same. Wednesday will see the needed resources just drop into your hands.

Leo: The call to glory tugs at you and your loved ones. This will pass on Wednesday, but until then, things can be set in stone. You will be mired in administrivia after that. While the world burns, you are doing paperwork.

Virgo: The war god smiles upon you this week, Virgo. The future of armed conflict is a design springing from your fingertips. Spend some time with some maps, paper maps, upon the kitchen table. Move the pieces around.

Libra: Your busy birthday month ends Friday when the demands of the world summon you back to the primate coop that is your nearest, largest city. You will acquire a new lover on Wednesday through good fortune.

Scorpio: You will get to choose which of the four horsemen of the apocalypse you wish to serve. There are some formalities; an interview, some discussions. Of course, you have your favorite. And the benefit package is spectacular. Savor and enjoy.

Sagittarius: The law of unintended consequences splashes molten magma across the face of your once high opinion of primate society and culture. Tear it down and start all over again, this time with improved mutants. Give it some thought, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: A great week leading up to a great month starts. Some hands on effort is called for this week, so keep line the trunk of your car with plastic, and put two bags of lime and a shovel there.

Aquarius: Your personal development this week is ultimately in the service of the very forces which you despise. Rebellion is brewing in your heart, and you need to gather resources and recruit allies. You know this. Do not tread on me, just yet, is your motto.

Pisces: Strange occult powers gather unto you this week. Things are clear and focused, even as the rest of the primates are wallowing in fog. This week, flesh out your wardrobe. There is no need to go in for a tired supervillain look.

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