Practical Religious Practices of the cult of Set, the Snake God

So, what has your personal false religion done for you lately? At best, you have access to secret combinations. Some good deals on black market gasoline, conversation with like minded political fanatics, and pleasant evenings drinking whiskey standing around a map table. But you want more. If you are willing to sell your soul to some man made system of mumbo jumbo, and you want best value. Let me suggest the cult of Set, the Snake God. As we speak, the acolytes of Set, the Snake God are effecting social change, enjoying the destruction of their enemies, and living above the law.

No witnesses is more than just a prison tattoo. All around you the followers of Set, the Snake God are infiltrating positions of power and influence in society, even as they pretend to be whatever flavor of mainstream they need to be to maximize career, power, and pleasure. You can join them. You should join them. You deserve to eat your fill. I think we all agree on that. But, how? How do you access the full powers of Set, the Snake God.

The Mystical Power of Digestion. There are three persons at every meal: the Chef, who prepares the meal; the Waiter, who serves; and the Entree, who is eaten. I will leave out the long and complicated arguments that explain why it is not a good choice to be the Entree at a meal. To test the powers of Set, the Snake God is easy. You risk nothing. The next time you are at a place where people are eating, mentally offer up the people who are eating to Set, the Snake God. Offer up strangers if you feel cautious; you can do this at a restaurant, picnic, or cafeteria where government workers are eating. Within three days you will have a concrete advance in your life.

Your first taste.
If you are diligent, you will see how the Emerald Eyed One rewards his followers. You will want more: to learn to be a Waiter, bringing nourishment to Set, the Snake God. After that, when you are contacted by the adepts of Set, the Snake God, you will learn how to aspire to the exalted rank of Chef.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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