MENSA Friday

Thanksgiving has now come and gone for both Canadian and American Mitchievillian’s alike. The turkey is all consumed, the crappy football games have all been played, and the only memory left is a slight alcohol induced hangover and a puke stained toilet bowl. The joys of Thanksgiving, can’t wait until Christmas.

Today is Black Friday, a day where it is legal in 32 states to shoot another member of the human race in the face if he/she cuts in front of you in line. The bargains are abundant today, up to 7% off listed retail price, if you’re willing to sleep outside in line for 12 hours, and then rush through a door along with 5000 other under-retailed neanderthals. It’s all good though, cheap earbuds are God’s way of saying that it’s ok to humiliate and degrade yourself. It’s all for the deal, the bargoonies, the chance to find that very special piece of shit that you don’t want or need.

And Saturday is a new day again, the official first shopping day until Christmas. You thought today was, but it’s actually tomorrow. Today is the first official “Shoot your neighbour in the face day” if he/she cuts in front of you in line. Tomorrow is the first day where you’re not allowed to mention anything whatsoever about Christmas because you might offend someone who lacks morals, clarity, or any understanding of religion or common decency. Christmas is the best, just shut the hell up about it.

What to JDN and White Letter Andy have in common? They both correctly identified last week’s MENSA questions. They also emailed The Mayor, right out of the blue, and said that anyone who doesn’t play MENSA Friday is a total loser. That made The Mayor laugh, as honesty often gives The Mayor a chuckle. The Mayor realizes that not everyone who doesn’t play MENSA Friday is a loser, perhaps they had a perfectly good reason for not playing. Like, maybe they’re stupid. That’s a wonderful excuse that The Mayor accepts without question. So, if The Mayor doesn’t see your name in the comment section this week, he’ll just chalk that up to you being a stupid idiot. Fair enough. Let’s play us some MENSA…yuck, yuck, guffaw, chortle, snort!

1) DO REAL FILTH is an anagram for what famous leader’s name?

2) Billy and Bobby play checkers. They played five games and win the same amount, without a draw. How?

3) Five family members go for a family portrait. How many combinations of people could pose for a photo?

A) 56

B) 28

C) 31

D) 45

Put a fork in ‘er, she be dun!

Leave your comments in the appropriate section, and leave your nasty attitude at the door. Good luck to one and all, and have a wonderful weekend.

9 Responses to “MENSA Friday”

  1. Al the fish Says:

    1) Adolf Hitler Crap Godwin’s law, you Adolf Rolled me!

    2) They didn’t play each other. Maybe they played with themselves…

    3) 31, but the batteries in my camera are dead, so screw it.

  2. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Bang on, Al!


  3. Buck Says:

    The Mayor realizes that not everyone who doesn’t play MENSA Friday is a loser, perhaps they had a perfectly good reason for not playing. Like, maybe they’re stupid.

    That’s close… but as we say here on The High Plains o’ New Mexico (and elsewhere, too), no cigar.

    OTOH, we have plenty o’ cigars… and beer! and whiskey!… and couldn’t give a big rat’s ass less about trick questions and/or manipulations o’ numbers.

    Is all.

  4. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Why do you have the “Hot or Not” and MENSA Friday photos, as the same?

  5. Andy Says:

    I’m not playing this week.

  6. cudgel Says:

    The peer pressure to be stupid is unbearable. I can’t play.

  7. Retired Geezer Says:

    Fun Factoid: In the photo above, the girl has her purple shirt pulled down over her butt.

    She looks pretty Hawt now, doesn’t she Marc?

  8. HD Says:

    Adolt Hilfer, renowned Canadian Premier.

    Billy and Bobby were definitely playing with themselves, IYKWIMAITYD.

    31, or 11111 in binary. This took much less time to compute than the first answer, by the way.

  9. finn Says:

    Damn, late to the party and all the answers have been given. Well, I am just glad that you didn’t say that the “hawt” lady in the photo was from Oshawa.

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