It’s Funny Cuz He’s Blind

Also funny is that little white dude in the bottom left corner of the picture. He’s not blind or anything, but he’s still funny.

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  1. Andy Says:

    This really is funny.

    This is a true story, and it happened about a week ago.

    The Mrs., and I work on our own biz on the weekends when I’m off from my day job (It takes three incomes these days to survive under Obama’s prosperity). She always insists that we listen to the “Oldies” radio station (95.7 KLKL FM) while working, and that suits me fine.

    Last Saturday, Stevie’s classic “Superstition” came on the radio. We were singing along, and doing our thing. All of a sudden, The Mrs. bursted out laughing…lol.

    The lyric “smoking cigarettes, and writing something nasty on the wall” had just been sung by his Stevieness! She was doubled over in laughter.

    Normally, when Stevie’s songs come on the radio she just quotes Eddie Murphy’s fabulous line, “Shut up Stevie!!! You don’t want to get Stevie started, or you’ll be there all night!”

    But, this time it was different. She didn’t use the same old Eddie Murphy line. Nope, she said, “That’s bullshit! Stevie couldn’t write anything nasty on the wall…unless he took a hammer and chisel, and carved it out in braille!

    I was shocked at her un-pc-ness. Then I laughed until I puked up my eggs and hashbrown taters…

    The Mrs. can be cruel.

    Okay…ya’ gotta trust me on this…it was hilarious.

    Looking back on it now, I guess it was one of those “ya’ had to be there” deals.

    I was.

    And, it was hilarious.

    BTW, I know the little white dude in the bottom left corner of the picture. His name is Robert Lovell, and I grew up with him.

    That’s cruel, Mayor…

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