Joketurd a moving story of diversity

Joketurd is a serious name, one that only a racist would laugh at. I caught up with Joketurd the other day. He was vacationing in Woodstock, Ontario, visiting his number three wife, Gangbangula. Joketurd has refugee status in both Canada and the United States, and grumbles about the inadequate welfare systems both here and there. Between the two revenue streams, and his small black market business providing culturally sensitive dental services, he manages to just make ends meet and keep down the loans and mortgages on his house, cottage, vacation property, cars, and truck. An important aspect of Joketurd’s culture are their ass wiping practices. Unlike us white racists who use ass wipe, or progressives who use corn cobs, Joketurd’s culture uses cloth rags, around the size and shape as face cloths. The early Christian missionaries who traveled to Joketurd’s country to oppress them called these ass wipe rags perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti.

Those of you familiar with public transit in Toronto, the City of Light, are familiar with the fragrant aroma of Green recycling that comes from the public washrooms located at Yonge and Bloor. Joketurd was complaining to me that there is an inadequate supply of ass wipe rags available for ass rag celebrating cultures. When he sent his number three wife to complain to her social worker, nothing happened. Joketurd hung around the women’s washroom for several weeks, inspecting the paper product dispensers and questioning users. The public toilet using community of Yonge and Bloor subway station were insensitive to the special needs of the ass rag community. Joketurd was harassed by fascist stormtroopers who told him to leave; a clear violation of his rights, as enshrined in the Human Rights Museum.

When he is not hanging around public transit toilet facilities
, Joketurd likes to hang around the food court in downtown hospitals. He likes the food there, and because he is a caring person, he will pretend to be a staff member showing up for work. Joketurd suffers from the racist stigma of hepatitis, and does not understand why racist white society disapproves of him handling food. He burst into tears when he told me this, pausing to wipe away his tears with his perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti. I met him on Thursday, where he was behind the counter at the Coffee Bucket, where he was moping around doing nothing but avoiding peoples demands for coffee. The real staff had not shown up, so Joketurd, ever the responsible community activist, was exploring the operation of coffee making equipment, the rate of growth of campylobacter pestis in unrefrigerated milk products, and the use of under sink ooze as coffee ground stabilizer. I adjourned with Joketurd to the parking garage to share conversation and the contents of the till right around the time some uptight medical professional arrived to complain like a racist about Cholera in his cappucchino. We left him to rant and took the stairs.

People like Joketurd add diversity to racist, sexist, earth rapist societies. You can help by raising awareness about perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti. Start to use one, and leave them around for white racists to find and face their own invisible toilet paper of white privilege. perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti should be freely available, and funding available for activists to read each others reports and complain about racism. Let us wipe out racism together.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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