Gun Control! week in Mitchieville

Did you wake up this morning with the sick feeling that there are still Guns! out there, just waiting to shoot people? How many innocents will die today? Another Trayvon? Will their name be Rayon, Dacron, or Polyester? Gang bangers do not kill people: Guns! kill people. Most, if not all, in fact more than all, of our social problems are solvable with Gun Control! Stop thinking and start feeling you numbed out fellow citizens.

Today is the day for Gun Control! to happen. Gathering points can be set up, volunteers can take the Guns!, and unionized social workers take them to where they can be destroyed. Imagine Gun Control! Never again a Gun! crime. Never starts today. Raise up your voice for Gun Control! Shout down those opposing Gun Control!. There is no appeal to reason when it comes to Gun Control is Go!

Your bowels are loose from fear of Guns!. Soon, today, Gun Control! day, those dangerous Guns! will be in the hands of unionized state employees; the same people that made pot holes extinct, ended Telemarketing, and make public transit safe, affordable, and efficient.

From sad to happy, like after you take your morning medication, it will be. Gun Control is Go! made so by our wonderful leader with his mandate from the illegal immigrant and baby momma vote. A rung on the ladder of achievement. Next: collectivization of private property.

Without Gun Control! there can be no collectivization. Do not let a crisis go to waste, comrades. Shout out for Gun Control! Take away the weapons of the tax payers.

One Response to “Gun Control! week in Mitchieville”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Gun Control:
    1. Hit the target you’re aiming at; and
    2. Two rounds centre of visible mass, then one to the head; not the full magazine.


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