MENSA Friday – Gun Control! Edition

Mitchievillians have spoken loud and clear, and they want Gun Control! And when do they want it? They want it now. Right now. Not tomorrow, but right this very second. The Mayor has received literally millions of emails the last few days demanding Gun Control! The Mayor is listening, and watching, but mostly listening, and what he hears is that Mitchievillians want Gun Control!

Darnell from Cambridge wrote The Mayor and said thusly:

I want Gun Control! I don’t feel safe without it. I don’t want to send my daughter to school because I fear for her life. I want Gun Control! And a ban on peanuts and legumes.

That speaks volumes.

The average citizen is frightened. They cannot operate without governmental assistance. The citizenry is screaming out for more government control, more Gun Control! The Mayor will be happy to control them.

Today’s MENSA Friday Trivia extravaganza is brought to you by Ted’s Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear Emporium. Located in the beautiful town of Courtice Ontario. Open 7 days a week, and where every night is half-price chicken wing night.

Let’s git ’er dun! 

1) In what year was Mirror editor Piers Morgan fired , after he conceded that published photos of soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.

A) 2007

B) 2004

C) 1776

2)  After being implicated during the Leveson Inquiry by high-profile figures such as Jeremy Paxman, how many claims have been brought against Piers Morgan  in regard to his role in Britain’s phone-hacking scandal?

A) 3

B) 2)

C) 4

D) All of them

3)  The just released Leveson Report describes Piers Morgans testimony in just two words. Are those two words:

A) “All lies”

B) “Utterly unpersuasive”

B) “Hamburger Grease”

4) Which has more hits when entered into Google search?

A) Piers Morgan is a lying piece of shit

B) Piers Morgan is a pompous ass

C) Piers Morgan likes to lick the toilet seats in bus terminals

Wow, that was a rather informative MENSA Friday, wasn’t it?

If the Mayan’s are right, and we have no reason doubt them, we will all be dead meat today. Nice to know you.

4 Responses to “MENSA Friday – Gun Control! Edition”

  1. mare Says:

    This is the best piece on gun control I’ve ever read:

  2. Don Morris Says:

    I’m all for gun control,too.

    If anyone out there has a problem with their uncontrolled guns,please send them to me via the Mayor, and I will be glad to control those guns for them.

    Merry Christmas, gun free Mitchieville.

  3. Lance in de Pants Says:

    I ask, with no little heat, When is bun control going to get the attention it deserves?

    Take Wal-mart, for ex. Buns festooned with boils hanging out of near-to-ripping-from-the-torque-shorts. A swollen delight for some. A seizure inducing sight for others.

    Buns of such elephantine girth that even a slender feller such as me (I? Oh, fuck it.) has to make a quick U turn and flee down the aisle or risk being smeared against the display of 2 for the price of 1 jock straps made in Albania. [The cup is sideways, but no matter.

    Tattooed buns with inscrutabilia on each cheek. “Eat at Joe’s.” “My parents went to Belize and all they got me was this crack.”

    Maybe we get get Chuck Schumer on on the case. He’s a butt crack.

  4. Maximinus Thrax Says:

    B C B B

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