Gun Control! week in Mitchieville

Gun Control! week festivities are winding down like an abandoned car sinking into the earth. President Obama is off to vacation in Hawaii; that RINO House Leader is facing a peasant uprising; and only the ability challenged media is left standing to keep up the hooting, vegetation tossing, and ground slapping about Gun Control!. But newer, fresher newsprint selling memes have arisen; Gun Control! is yesterdays news. And will remain yesterdays news until the next suitable incident gets cherry picked by the media. The other incidents get a pass.

Keep your Gun Control! arguments ready. Out there the media is ever watching, censoring, and making up stuff. Out there is some white hispanic about to get a makeover into full white. Out there is a paranoid schizophrenic about to get a makeover into full white. When that happens, the ability challenged activists will come charging out of the jungle of ignorance: hooting, ground slapping, and tossing vegetation. Go! Go! Gun Control!

Gun Control! week in Mitchieville
has been a great success.
Grant checks have arrived from other layers of state administration; some even from foreign jurisdictions (thank you, State of New York). The custodians of the public purse are extra incompetent during the times of hooting. There have been no Gun! crimes amongst the good people of Mitchieville. Go Figure.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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