Gun Control! week in Mitchieville

So, you thought Gun Control! week was over, eh? I did too, until I turned on the Television, opened the paper, and sparked up the Radio. Ghack. Here I thought the problem of Guns! had been solved. No, it is worse. The way this issue is turned on, pumped full of immediacy, and then drops off like an employment equity hire spots a goober into the Caesar salad, leaves one feeling … unsettled. Surely the death of innocents is something worth solving; why does this issue just sprout up then disappear? If an honest person believed the rhetoric spewed forth from the left, they would not abandon their position. Unsettled, indeed. One is left with the impression that Gun Control! is a faked up issue, a marketing ploy, a telemarketing gambit.
This is not the first time the leftists have been deceitful * * * * Everyone has their own anecdotes about hypocrisy, deceit, self aggrandizement, and greed of leftists. The impression I have is that of a thief who has learnt a new scam. Pull on the heart strings, pull on the purse strings. The real motivation behind Gun Control! is to disarm the populace in order to make the establishment of an oppressive police state easier. The leftists, the progressives, the activists, whatever you want to call them; are not loyal to their doctrine. Feminists support religious fanatics who dress their women in sacks; Queers support homophobes who stone queers; Anarchists want more rules and regulations. What alien has crawled inside their skin, eaten their guts, and put mind control tentacles into their brain?

What is the real agenda behind the marketing? I can understand greed. Pa Cartwright knows about rustlers, drifters, and Yankee carpetbaggers. Much as Pa Cartwright avoids those types, restricting his lynching to those caught red handed. But this trying to take his guns is bordering on too much. You can see the veins in his forehead pulse as Pa eats his supper. The thieves might just find another tipping point, other than that of importing enough Tapeworm-Americans in to control the vote. So, let us end Gun Control! week in Mitchieville with the question: What is the real agenda of the carpetbagger activists?

5 Responses to “Gun Control! week in Mitchieville”

  1. Al the fish Says:

    Without guns, resistance is futile.

  2. Buck Says:

    Apropos o’ not much, I used to watch “Bonanza” every week on NHK… dubbed in Nihongo… when I was stationed in northern Japan in ‘68 – ‘70. There ain’t much in life that’s funnier than watching Hoss say “Konichi-wa!” to visitors on the Ponderosa.

    You hadda be there, I suppose.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Wasn’t “Pa Cartwright” a canadian? That’d explain the low murder rate in Ponderosa.

    Mostly because we’re seriously out of practice.

  4. Al the fish Says:

    Yes, Lorne Green was Canadian, aka the Voice of Doom on the CBC radio during WW II.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Perhaps the headline from Fenris was meant to be:

    “Gun control weak, in Mitchieville”

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