Celebrating Kwanzaa at Christmas in Mitchieville

After the food has been shoveled, the booze guzzled, and at least one of the old folks has gone to vomit in the stairway leading to the bathroom, it is time for Kwanzaa. It is Christmas, after all. Any made up festival that has a black candle as the central spiritual principle sparks a sympathetic cord in any follower of Set, the Snake God.

My nephew, Gluten Badwulf, has a mixed heritage. His mother is German. He told us all about Kwanzaa at Christmas dinner. That went over real well, especially as his father was drunk at the time. We had CBC on the stereo as elevator music. Gluten’s father has to pretend to be politically correct at work and really has a hate on for progressives, activists, and Bolsheviks generally. Hearing that his kid had been brain washed by some ***bad words*** at the school his taxes paid for did not please him. Gluten caught on to the fact that his Dad was not a Kwanzaa worshiper, and passed on the conversation to his younger brother Spud.

Indeed, Spud Badwulf is the youngest of my nephews. He freely admitted that Kwanzaa is part of the mathematics curriculum in his taxpayer funded public school. But the version of Kwanzaa taught to Gluten differs from the version taught to Spud. The younger students are getting the improved version of Kwanzaa. The older, obsolete version is still being taught to older children, like Gluten. Neither version has much appeal to parents, so the school establishment encourages the young children under it’s care to STFU and not talk about what they are learning. By the way, STFU is an ebonic term for something.

Some details about Kwanzaa were let out before Spud’s Dad took control of the conversation and moved it elsewhere. The idea of burning black candles is interesting: everyone knows that burning black candles brings evil into the spell. Red ones, burning red candles will bring passion; associated with a black candle, you get blood shed, violence, and road rage. You do not have to be a necromancer of any talent to realize that the situation in the modern ghetto seems to be a life force consuming enchantment propelled by the sort of spell driven by burning black and red candles. The green candles speak to the free ranging whores, nob goblins, and cult of bastardy found in those places. Too bad Christians have been set back, so far as to be unable to warn the simple and innocent folk of the evil demons that they are unleashing on themselves.

Activists are atheists and feel free to play in the sandbox of the images of the collective subconscious. They do not believe in demons, and if a demon pissed on the subway, cut his dope with asbestos, or raped his daughter, they would not see a demon. Heck no, they blame the white man. This has a sort of appeal to the sort of demon that likes mischief mixed in with his mayhem. You can also look at the seven candle device used for Kwanzaa worship. It mocks the God of the Jews. We can conclude that the prison trained devil worshiper who designed this bit of necromancy has a hate on for those people.

My nephew Gluten is a good boy. He keeps his family up to date on what he learns in school, even if his Father (a busy man) pays attention to other things (the collapsing economy, mafia involvement in the construction industry, and the decline of automotive manufacturing quality). So, I was fully aware of the Kwanzaa component of the mathematics syllabus in our public education system, even if the Education minister, administration, and tax payers are not. What progressive fun! It was like watching something in a crystal ball. How could I help? After all, I care.

You can turn Kwanzaa to your own purposes. Think of all those young souls as a power source. The older ones, the enablers, are closer to the Emerald Entrails of Set, the Snake God. You help push then into the stew pot of perfection. Easy as boiling an egg, and you do not need boiling water. In my case, I helped young Gluten with his Kwanzaa homework. He was tasked to design a Kwanzaa ritual illustrating the seven principles of that faith. I have some experience in designing rituals. It was as easy as the Ring Wraith form of Julia Child stuffing a turkey. Young Gluten’s activist teacher did not even have a crumb of doubt or disagreement when she agreed to recite the words, make the symbols, and (ultimately) invite the poltergeist into residence in her car. Everybody in the know laughed and laughed.

You too can turn Kwanzaa rituals to your purposes.
January is the month of the Re gifted Soul at temples of Set, the Snake God. You are invited to partake in the orgies, feasts, and debauchery. There, between pleasures, you will be instructed. Everybody is welcome. Just use the passwords Julia Child Necromancer to receive your privilege token.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care

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