The Nemesis

Sometimes, you just know. My nephew Spud, Spud Badwulf, the youngest of my brother’s kids, has take home homework for the Christmas, er Kwanzaa, Holidays. My brother, his father, is in a line of work where he has to pretend to be politically correct to maintain his position. So, reminders of activism in the sanctum of his home make him … angry. Eternal vigilance is the duty of his family and friends. When he sees Red, he sees red. And only this morning his son, Spud Badwulf, was talking about his take home homework: the title of which is Good Morning Mister Cucumber. Your suspicions are correct; they are as correct as political correctness can be. Thank you, Set, the Snake God, that my angry brother was not present. But I was.

Good Morning Mister Cucumber is an example of the brainwashing that passes for education in our Bolshevik education system. Unless you believe that exposing your children to deviant sexual practices is an important part of curbing sociopathy. Sheep shagging, we used to call it. Somehow the association of deviant sexual practices with sociopathy has been lost. I guess the sociopaths have a lobby and were able to infiltrate into the Headshrinkers Club and were able to vote down the Sociopathy is Bad part of the program. Do you know what brain mush is being injected into your children’s minds? Does it matter? Most people do not care. Questioning the Bolshevik wisdom of such erectile awareness material as Good Morning Mister Cucumber can get you labeled as a Kulak.

Not everybody has the option of homeschooling. Prepubescent children are better exposed to mathematics, physics, and English grammar. At least, Spud’s Dad thinks so. But he is a racist white right wing extremist: he has a job, does he not? Spud knows who his Dad is, his Dad is married to his Mom, and all his siblings have the same parents. More of the same pattern that the Bolsheviks want to stamp out. Certainly turning your local school into a hunting ground for pedophiles would go a long way towards that. Not that Good Morning Mister Cucumber is in any way associated with that sort of agenda, preparing the way, or something. Nope. What I think is one thing; what I say is politically correct.

There is Homework, of course. I thought Homework was racism, but I forget where I read that and cannot make a supporting link. As part of the dumbing down agenda of the education system, perhaps. Maybe the No Homework rule only applies to members of the No Snitching cultures. Who are considered stupid, and measurably so; which will not do. So, Spud gets a homework assignment. Maybe he will climb the Hill of Stupid because his brain is not being filled with racist concepts of logic, mathematics, and physics. Good thing he has his Uncle Fenris to help him with his homework. I care. I know good websites to scarf suitable material from to help young Spud, and, incidentally, scare the shit out of the milky skinned gobblers of white guilt who pass themselves off as teachers.

The internet is the plagarist’s friend. If you want to have the instructor wallow in the white guilt theme of all white people are serial killers, look here. As for the Pox-American response in a culturally sensitive way, try here. For a taste of pre Christian religion, in the way of suggestions, try this. And for some insight into the Global Warming science of the economy, go here. You won’t need to give a lobotomy to the activist on your proscription list with this sort of truth speaking.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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