Happy Anniversary Mitchieville – Happy New Year – Happy Birthday Clare – Happy Everything To Everyone

Another year has come and gone, The Mayor has grown another inch (vertically), and each and every one of us is a better person. That’s all true. You folk are something special. By the by, that was a compliment, not an insult. As in, you are special in a positive sense, not in the sense where you are given the best parking spots at malls. Although some of you may very well get those kickin’ spots, The Mayor doesn’t and can’t know everything.

Believe it or not (and why wouldn’t you believe it?), Mitchieville turns 9 today. We have gone through eight full years now – and with those eight full years, we have seen over 19,000 posts go out the door, over 140,000 comments lodged, and well over 5 million visitors to these parts. And what does all that get us? Forth funniest blog in Canada in a blogging competition, right behind Sarah’s Yarn Blog.

To be fair though, Sarah is one pretty funny broad.

Thank you each and every Mitchievillian for coming back here every day, or once a week, or as a dare, or however you got here. Fenris and I appreciate your support (we wish it was your financial support, but Fenris and The Mayor learned long ago that 99.9% of Mitchievillians are Scottish when it comes to charity and finances).

Eight years? Damn, that can’t be right. Eight years is nearly nine years, which is close to a decade. Oh well. We’re growing old together, and that makes The Mayor proud. Well, maybe not proud, maybe the word The Mayor is looking for is happy. Nope, that’s not it either. Why is The Mayor crying? He’s crying but he’s not happy or proud. Hmmmm, his tears taste like chicken.

Tomorrow is a new year, and The Mayor can certainly speak for everyone when he says good riddance to 2012 – the year of the suck this.

2012 really was a colossal piece of crap. Other than The Mayor’s smile and his wardrobe, nothing got even slightly better in 2012. Nothing. It was trash. Everything was wrong about 2012, including the prediction by those lazy Mayan’s. It’s no wonder they got wiped out, people can’t stand other people being wrong all the time. Probably some other tribe got fed up with the Mayan’s and their stupid shit that they wiped them off the face of the earth. Serves them right.

It’s Clare’s birthday today. Yup, she turns 4. That’s something that is going to take a few days for The Mayor to wrap his head around. At last count, The Mayor’s children are aged 18, 16, and now 4. And those are just the legitimate one’s.

Clare has been a real blessing in The Mayor’s life. She’s a wonderful little girl. Funny, smart, doesn’t eat a whole ton which saves The Mayor a good bit of money every month. But even if she ate like a little pig, The Mayor wouldn’t care because Clare has brought The Mayor more joy into his life than he deserves.

That’s pretty much it, time to go back upstairs and pour another tumbler of top-shelf rye. That’s how The Mayor intends to bring in 2013 – through bloodshot eyes.

Happy everything, everyone. May your 2013 be prosperous.

11 Responses to “Happy Anniversary Mitchieville – Happy New Year – Happy Birthday Clare – Happy Everything To Everyone”

  1. Buck Says:

    Happy everything, everyone.

    Right back atcha, Mr. Mayor, especially for/to Clare. And for Mitchieville’s Town Council minutes, or whatever you call this thing I’m reading.

  2. Lance in de Pants Says:

    Everyone in North Carolina—extrapolating from a sample of 1—wishes Y’all and Your’n a wonderful new year. And if’n Y’all wants teh teach that youngn o’ your’n to read—though I’m bettin she already does–you can’t beat “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.” 20 bucks. She’ll be reading on a second grade level in 50 hours, and will enter school as the top reader.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Where would The Mayor get that book from?

    The Amazon?

    Hook The Mayor up for twenty, he’s interested.

  4. nancy Says:

    Happy Everything to you, too.
    I remembered Clare’s had a Bday already, and I think I’ve been coming to Mitchieville at least 6 of those 8 years. It’s the best blog ever. …still love you all.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Happy everything, everyone.

    and again, what incredible luck, to have a new gift of poopy diapers delivered on the last day of the year. I’m not aware of if the American™ visitors to this blawg know that we in Canada™ still can deduct our children against our taxable income, (what taxable income?) and it’s by calendar year, so little Miss Poopy™ diapers way back in ‘08 was a deduction for the entire year, even doe she wasn’t even home yet. Probably the best year ever. Probably should buy her 2 gifts this year, if the stores in Mitchieville™ have any good after Christmas™ sales, now would have been a great day for shopping.

    Could’ve bought a lottery ticket too.

    Hey! to everyone, happy everything.

  6. Lance in de Pants Says:

    Yup, Amazon.



    Leave it to the schools alone—esp if they use “whole language” or “balanced literacy”—and your sweet child won’t be reading even in grade 4–after 720 hours of “instruction.”

    With “Teach your child to read…” she’ll be reading by lesson 3. All the best sentences, “More candy.” “You call that an allowance?” “Hey, Pop, Where’s my AR 15?”

  7. Mike NZ Says:

    Happy 2013, Mayor and family!

  8. mare Says:

    Claire is FOUR???

    18, 16 and 4, you’re a fortunate man, Mayor.

    I don’t really “enjoy” saying “Happy New Year.” How about, “Hope this next year doesn’t suck like the last one!”

  9. Retired Geezer Says:

    To my Brotha from a different Baby Momma.

    It’s been quite a ride since we got that MegaLanche of traffic.

    Best wishes from the Spud State.

    Also, what Mare said:

    I don’t really “enjoy” saying “Happy New Year.” How about, “Hope this next year doesn’t suck like the last one!”

  10. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Another exciting year at Mitchieville.

    What a rush

  11. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Meh … it probably won’t last 364 days …


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