Glory Glory…

And after Rob Ford is unceremoniously shuffled out of town, there is no doubt Mr Glory Hole will become Toronto’s new Mayor. Or Smitherman’s *Right Hand Man®*, if ya know what I mean.

5 Responses to “Glory Glory…”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Just crazy how you’ve got “hot or not” and “photo of the day” incorporated together and all in one.
    When I say “all in one” I mean, just 2 in 1. wait…

  2. Gaylord Says:

    Jesus Mayor, what’s with you guys? BlazingCatFur posts an article about Liberace and now you do this?? Are you guys going queer or what?

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:


  4. The Mayor Says:

    This post was brought to you by a generous grant from the Arts Council of Canada.

  5. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    We got a grant to raise awareness of those untreatable STD’s that are making the rounds out there amongst the free fornicating cultures that make up diversity and such a large portion of the health care budget.

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