In order to impress the ladies, Datta Phuge of Pimpri-Chinchwad (or Chad, as he is known to his drinking buddies), ordered a custom-made $23,000 gold shirt:

He’s quoted as saying, “I know I am not the best looking man in the world but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt?” It took 15 goldsmiths two weeks to make the shirt which cost him nearly $23,000.

Chad has a point – there aint a dame alive that could resist a golden shirt.

Women also like chocolate, and that’s why The Mayor has commissioned 25 chocolatiers to craft him a $70,000 pair of nougat, chocolate and caramel sweat pants. Want to see what’s under the sweat pants, ladies? Then prepare to eat yourself sick. Ya, baby. Is that a chocolate covered butter crunch toffee bar in The Mayor’s pocket, or is he just happy to see you?

The Mayor calls his chocolate sweat pants the “Hershey Highway Pants” because Hershey’s has the word Her and She in it, and after you taste The Mayor’s pants you’ll want to fondle his roasted almonds all the way down the highway.

Man, The Mayor now wishes he ended this post after the *or is he just happy to see you?” line.

Oh well, can’t take it back now. Google spider me, you bad bastards!

2 Responses to “Goldmembersingh”

  1. Walter Garbotz Says:

    Ya know Mayor …. this blog is becoming more depraved and debauched every day, what with you are your almonds and Fenris with his hidden cameras.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Jus’ sayin’!

  2. jim Says:


    You gotta watch out for how hard the ladies bite. Could get circumcised that way. Consider yourself Fore-warned.

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