Remembering Aaron Swartz

I was completely unaware of how many people in the media were ignorant of the existence of Aaron Swartz, but who felt the call of their hearts to pinch off a weepy obit themed piece in memory of the young activist. They never wrote anything before about Aaron, and then, like the miracle of mushrooms growing in dung, all sprout up at the same time, mentioning the same points, using the same style, using the same order of thought. A friend of mine suggested that the activists were just copying and pasting together an assignment, just like they did in high school, and college. There are so many sudden mushrooms messages of care for Aaron, so similar, so Chris Spence. It is the thought that counts, and the end justifies the means: caring about fallen activist Aaron, and taking a dig at some institution you do not like. Impressive Group Think, activist media primates. You get to dash off a quick piece and drag your primate ass off to for early beer, bong, and same sex suck; we get stuck with the thought that you care. But I, Fenris Badwulf, I care. I have questions; I want answers. Answers about Murder, for one.

Three suspects so far for Murder. The first suspect is MIT. The second suspect is the prosecutors. Now there is a third: the government. So, we have accusations of murder. Murder is serious, is it not? These murders walk amongst us: MIT, the prosecutors, and the government. Yeah, the activist media and academia talk murder, cross plagiarize like dandelions in pollen exchange season, and then follow the herd of social butterflies to the next groovy leftist cause.

Fascinating, how leftist group think works. You can do a thought experiment about it, and your experiment is all the more serious science if you have a grasp of hypnosis and the hidden powers of the human mind. For this you will need some graven images you can cast in the role of the killers, MIT, the prosecution, and the government. Most people who use graven images to access the powers of the subconscious already have figures representing ‘the prosecution’ and ‘the government’. I must admit, casting a graven image into the role of MIT was challenging. I have one for my alma mater, University of Waterloo, so I reused it: I had to take the pins out of its eyes and take the little red Che shirt the figurine had on, off. But now I had the three killers. To complete the necromancy, I had a figure for Aaron (with a belt around his neck), and one for the girlfriend who found him swinging: for her, I used Catwoman.

Why Catwoman? Let us face it, the person first to find the body is either the killer, conspired with the killer, or has been duped and manipulated by the killer. Either case is pretty emotionally traumatic. Killing your boyfriend, or arranging your boyfriends fake suicide, or just finding your boyfriend swinging and twitching leaves marks on the soul that only a black latex catsuit, corset, thigh high boots, mask, gloves, and a riding crop can begin to hide. Any questions, you worm? Good. Now, arrange the figures in a diorama (some people call this the altar) and use candle light to illuminate the scene. There is something about the flickering of flames that is so stimulating to the subconscious. You can move the figures about, have little conversations between them, add minions, and work out a screenplay in your head. Someone must have held Aaron while the belt was put around his neck, and there would have been some sort of Villain’s Soliloquy, a final witty retort, and the kicking of the chair.

So there we have it. Aaron the activist is dead by his own hands in the same way that an assault rifle in a farmers closet is responsible for the urban N-people shooting each other in the head with hand guns. And we have the group mind activists obeying some subconscious directive from somewhere to move their hands in automatic handwriting dictated from somewhere. Where is somewhere? If there is a subconscious directive to the activists to mourn whats his name, does that not mean that activists are subordinated, controlled, directed, string pulled puppets? Very curious. I hope the person pulling the strings is a caring person and not a nemesis.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

3 Responses to “Remembering Aaron Swartz”

  1. The Mayor Says:

    The Mayor didn’t know this Adrianne Swarzkopt, but he is sure from what he is reading in the legit press, that he is a heck of a decent fella.

  2. Al the fish Says:

    I read one story about him where the writer referred to Swartz as a “martyr” but I’m still trying to figure how he burned himself at the stake, must have been really smart to tie his own hands….

  3. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    OK, there are more suspects on the list.

    How about Noam Chompsky?

    Will the real killer ever be brought to Climate justice?

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