It’s incredible how many of The Mayor’s GIF’s include dogs. Mind you, this one isn’t barfing, humping, or peeing on someone’s face. Even though, it’s still a pretty fine GIF, and if you show it to someone, prepare to be called a hero.

2 Responses to “Gifarific”

  1. Walter Garbotz Says:

    The Good Lord got it right when She made that little child and that dog.

    (Jus’ nod yer head up and down and agree with me!)

    Cheers … Bodo Dogwood of Shadydowns

  2. Lance in de Pants Says:

    Kid must think shoes grow on trees.

    “How’d your shoes get all soaked, huh?”

    “Buh buh guck.”

    “Yeah, right, the dog did it. Well, you’re grounded, wise guy.”

    “Fuh habba habba.”

    “Yeah, well fuck you, too.”

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