I Have A Dream…And A Side Of Bacon

If that dream included bottomless coffee, The Mayor would be all over that like white on rice.

5 Responses to “I Have A Dream…And A Side Of Bacon”

  1. Al the fish Says:

    If I ask for brown bread toast, is that racist?

  2. jim Says:

    Sounds pretty good, but for $8.88, I would hope I’d get a bit more.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Al – not if you ask for it this way, “I’ll take it in the brown, please.”

    Jim – Have you ever eaten a meal in say, Buffalo? The plates are 28″ round!

  4. Andy Says:

    The coupon expired in 2002.

    Good try, Mitch.

    I ain’t bitin’!

  5. jim Says:

    Mayor, given that the meal calls out a 6oz steak, two eggs, Hashbrowns, and toast, I’d say that 28″ plate must be smothered in Hash. Be still, my diabetic pancreas!

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