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Jeeze Jerry, next time put your purse down first.

Actually, if this GIF isn’t manipulated in some way, Jerry is a goner. But it brings the whole life cycle thing into perfect perspective – Jerry and Boris go fishing, blow their heads off, and now the fish will eat their heads; later, some other schmucks will go fishing and end up catching and eating the fish who ate Boris and Jerry’s head, and all this because Jerry couldn’t throw a grenade for shit. It’s like the ocean always gives back what it gets.

Life is beautiful when put in perspective, ainit?

2 Responses to “Gifarific”

  1. Lance in de Pants Says:

    And THAT, in a nutshell, is liberalism.

    Down here in NC we fish much the same way, except that we jam a grenade in a liberal’s pie hole and throw him off the stern. Safety first is our motto.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Safety is job #1.

    We’ve already had over 75 accident-free hours at City Hall this year.

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