Hump Day Hottie – Candice Boucher

Candice Boucher was born in South Africa (throw anotha shrimp on the barbie, mate!), and is a 29 year old model. That’s all anyone knows about her. Boy, what an enigma she is.

As you can see above, she is performing what we in the modeling/fashion industry refer to as the “shot in the chest, now go lie down on the floor” pose. And The Mayor must say, she does an excellent job of it. The way her eyes glaze over like maple dip donuts, the way she tucks her right leg into her left leg, and the way her hard breasts sit there like two small non-grassy knolls waiting to erupt into a silicone explosion. Impressive, The Mayor bows to her genius. And then tries to catch a peak of her silicone-filled puppies.


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