Ice Storm Central

Today’s ice storm battered Mitchieville harder than an ex wife beating the snot out of her ex husband after he was 15 minutes late with the child support cheque. Yes, it was THAT terrible.

The Mayor doesn’t have any pictures of downed trees, or 20 car pile-ups, or even a solitary picture of an old hag breaking her hip and laying in the slushy crap Mommy Nature gave to us today, so you”ll just have to take The Mayor’s word for it that things got ugly fast. Sure, maybe not as ugly as the thought of watching Michael Moore gnaw on a double cheeseburger and large fries, but bad enough, lets me tells ya!

It’s great to have the site up again, it’s even greater knowing that you have come back to read The Mayor’s nonsense. Which reminds The Mayor – get a life, people!

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