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I recently attended an orgy as a guest of the followers of Set, the Snake God. The Etobicoke chapter of the cult of the Emerald Eyed One hosts a fine orgy. There was food, drink, dope, whores, and weapons aplenty. Those of you that appreciate musical accompaniment to your orgy activities would have found much to soothe (or inflame) your lusts. There is no accounting for taste, was the theme of the sunset to sunrise events, as the greeter at the double doors of the Temple said to all who passed into, and down to the rites. What can you say when the Walmart trained greeter is done up as Don Rickles in drag? There is no accounting for taste

Our racist, sexist, intolerant society does not embrace diversity. Those that celebrate the orgy with their spirituality are frowned upon by their bigoted neighbors, co-workers, and agents of the state. This intolerance is intolerable. To rise up and stick it to The Man, the worshipers of Set, The Snake God have formed secret combinations to obtain financial advantage, secure power, slake desires, and indulge in lusts. There are secret oaths, shared felonies, and magic spells. Learn the wisdom that accountants, lawyers, tradesmen, and hypnotists keep secret from you! And have fun. Fun is watching your enemies suffer, your peers subjugated, and your allies and brethren raised up!

People like orgies. Not just for the sex, but for the variations of food and sex, whiskey and sex, and dope and sex. Just watching is stimulating. And all is safe: except your soul. Those latex body suits are sovereign against splashing bodily fluids. There are designated watchers at the orgy that ensure that no celebrant drowns in a hot tub of wine, chokes on an artichoke, or simply suffocates during sex rugby. These watchers are called Archons.

Come join the worshipers of Set, the Snake God. You know you want to. You know your neighbors have come over to the Emerald Eyed One. If you want more slices from the pie of life, raise your hand and say I want more. Set, the Snake God understands your hunger. If you want the assistance of the Mighty Serpent, you should help the Mighty Serpent. Ask yourself, what can I do to further the agenda of the worshipers of Set, the Snake God? Help them, they will help you. Think about this as you go about dooring cyclists and stalemating rush hour traffic.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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