The Future Oriented post Christian Pagan Viewpoint for Diversity

Caring people care about what is going to happen to them in their next life. Worshipers of Set, the Snake God derive comfort from the Global Warming Science reality that they can capitalize their after life with slaves, servants, work animals, food, and recreations. Only this week I received dispensation from the Hierophant of the Etobicoke chapter of the cult of Set, the Snake God that I could populate my utopian after world with those common plastic figurines that accompany kids meals in fast food joints. Using the potent magic available only to loyal followers of Set, the Snake God, I am now able to gather my future household together. My first acquisitions are Hackus Smurf, Baker Smurf, and two Vexy Smurfs. Muah-hah-hah-haha. What sort of person has four (four) indentured servants? In one stroke, using only the worthless paper money of this transitory existence, I have made myself into a man of property in the next life. In the days to come I shall harvest other idols to act as containers for the enslaved souls who will serve me in the eternity to come. Thank You, Set, the Snake God .

You too can have slaves to serve you in the next life. You can populate your after life plantation with crops, animals, slaves, and servants. Any plastic figurine will do. But you need the magic power of Set, the Snake God to make it happen. When you are destined to be a powerful plantation owner in the next life, your present life will reflect your future grand status. I am going to fill my plantation with more kids meals figurines, and use necromancy to shape them into minions. Come over to Set, the Snake God and you can have this too.

I ask you, what tasks will you give to Vexy, Hackus, and Baker Smurf? What figurines would you set out to acquire?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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