Weight Loss Picture Violates Facebook’s Terms

A Washington woman who dropped a few thousand pounds and posted her “new look” on Facebook has had her picture taken down because it promoted “Adult Content”:

Marilyn McKenna, wife of former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, posted the image of her fitting both her legs inside one leg of her old “fat pants” but was told to remove the picture because it was promoting “idealised physical appearances”.

Ms McKenna, who weighed 120kg six years ago, lost 54kg after having lap band surgery, USA Today reported . She has kept the weight off by adopting a strict new healthy lifestyle which she documents on her blog and Facebook fan page.

A representative from Facebook emailed her to explain why her “ad” was taken down.

“The image used here is of a woman standing in a large pair of pants holding the waist band out to show weight loss. The images are considered to be promoting idealised physical appearances and are policy violating,” the spokeswoman wrote.

Correct The Mayor if he is wrong (he isn’t), but isn’t one of the 63 wars America is currently engaged in the “War on Obesity?” Isn’t Michelle Obama parading her carcass around the U.S. promoting healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss? So, if the First Lady is telling the world that obesity isn’t good, isn’t she promoting “idealized physical appearances?” Plus, shouldn’t everyone be promoting “idealized physical appearances?” Or should we be promoting ugly and fat 24/7? Let The Mayor know, he desperately wants to be on the popular side of the war.

It’s good to see that Facebook has put the panelists of The View on their content board. Who else but a bunch of idiot liberal women could come up with the phrase “idealized physical appearances”, and who else but a bunch of idiot liberal men would let them get away with banning a picture of a slim woman because she’s…ahhhh, better looking now than when she was wearing boat sails for pants?

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  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    A loss of that scope should qualify her for a public service job.


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