Diary of Irresponsible Government

I was talking to some people in the laundry room in the apartment I live in. They are nice people. Both work in government, have great high paying, high pensioned jobs, and a short commute down the subway line from home to office. As far as commuting goes, they only need to be in the office for meetings. They do their work from home; they have a home office which they use as a tax write off. They grumble about commuting, a bit. It is awkward to reschedule meetings around their vacations, days off, and preferred commuting time. Meetings should start some time after ten thirty, and be over by two. The subway, the northy southy Yonge line, gets busy otherwise. Some of the people on the subway smell bad. Others are rude: standing in the door, hogging seats with packages, or making a mess while eating like zoo animals. But taking one of their cars to work is worse. It is difficult to park in their reserved parking spot, both at the office and in the heated garage of their apartment building. They use their car to travel to the farm they bought. They plan to retire to the farm when early retirement happens at 55; otherwise, they just head out there for weekends and some vacations. But commuting is not what interested me about these people: it was the buttons the lady of the house was putting back onto a vest. Political buttons.

Nuclear disarmament is a issue dear to the hearts of my apartment neighbors. I agree, I said to them. I do not trust the government or military with nuclear weapons. The neighbor lady had several anti nuclear buttons on her vest of protest. She wears here protest vest when she attends those lunch time protests that happen in down town Toronto. I warmed up to my neighbor. To have such a feeling of social responsibility. To brave the smelly zoo animals that infest the subway system in order to protest. To push forward the agenda of the Statists! Yay! More statism means more work, pensions, department staff, and perks for statists! Nobody in the media calls this self serving, so it cannot be self serving.

I know from my work in Human Resources that finding common ground is the first step to conflict resolution. Hushing up problems is a big part of Human Resources. Just like the statist media ignores the pervert who created the sex education curriculum, so too a good HR person conceals, distracts, and obfuscates. You can persecute your personal enemies, ex-lovers, and career rivals. How does this relate to Nuclear Disarmament? It does not! Unless you have nuclear weapons in your garage. Then you would be wise to be like the wise HR fascists and not tell anybody! If you keep your personal nuclear weapons in an underground bunker you have dug yourself (or with a friend) you would not tell anybody, either. The statist media would not much care, even if one of your underground bunkers was found. Why do the journalism thing when it is beyond your logical capabilities, conflicts with the narrative you are fabricating, or otherwise casts shadows on your fairy cake world?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

4 Responses to “Diary of Irresponsible Government”

  1. The Mayor Says:

    Imagine the possibilities….a convicted pedophile creates the sex-ed curriculum….maybe in the not-too-distant future a convicted rapist can be minister of Women’s Affairs.

    To dream…

  2. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    ..Or a blithering racist narcissist idiot could be the POTUS.

    No, wait …

  3. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    That bitch beater did a good job at the CBC spreading awareness. I wonder what you had to do to get on his program and get all that wonderful publicity?

  4. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Submit.. that may take care of any criteria / standards to being interviewed by him.

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