From the desk of the Darklord

You cannot have a disintegration chamber without an electrical distribution system. Maybe you have been watching too many Hollywood movies. Disintegration chambers are heavy, and are placed on top of a concrete pad. So we are looking at a ground floor location, or in the basement. The apparatus needs shielding: cheap drywall and some metal studs will not do the job. Soundproofing, some easy clean up wall coatings (tile is nice, for that East German look), and sensible doors.

You need dependable minions to design, install, operate, and maintain your disintegration chamber. This means dealing with a Union contractor. The non-Union construction sector is incapable of doing new built installation for disintegration chambers. To get the concrete in the ground, the plumbing in the floor, and the wires in the wall, means working with organized labor. Union workers are predictable: they are motivated by money, entertained by schadenfreude, and great consumers of liquor, weed, and whores. No need to waste the good stuff on these crude primates, which is even better.

Toronto Hydro is the largest utility in North America. When you need those thousands of amperes to spark up your disintegration chamber, look to the helpful people at Toronto Hydro. You can even get your peak demand load for free with some back channel networking. A case of beer, or the attentions of a specialty prostitute, when given to the right person, can get you an un metered hookup.

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  1. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    Yeah, but are disintegration chambers “Green”?

    Whenever I ask this question on Green forums, people are rude to me.

  2. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I fully disagree that only unionised labor are up to this task. Sure, they’ll work for ho’s, ho’s weed, and ho’s un tax stamped out of province liquor… That’s the easy part. They’ve perhaps installed a few dissolving tanks at a university or hospital, that’s only a few months of steps up in the field, but you haven’t spec’ed for a dilution tank, so that those acids you’re dissolving meat into won’t in turn eat your installed sewage system from the inside out, in your first week’s worth of culling. For this, you’ll be requiring a plumber that actually cares. That nixes the union brotherhood right there.

    They’re simple enough to install, requiring only simple plumbing tools, and a bit of generally available plumbing knowledge base.

    Orion Fittings makes an item, a neutralisation tank that may be of use in your chambers, it’s installed between the normal piping after your disintegration chamber, with fittings for allowing an introduction of water and/or acidic reducing chemicals into your solution before it enters the actual sewer system under your house.

    Don’t ask if you’ll really be needing this if you’re just a weekend warrior, ask instead, how you’ll explain the sewer system dissolving into the earth, all downhill (2% grade in the city sections actually) from your rented house, while none of the sewer system upstream from your house is damaged…

    If you’re an everyday type warrior, perhaps you’ve rented this building from others within the fraternity, it’s likely already installed and likely needs just a flush to have you back in business again.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    also, Orionfittings have the Rionfuse system available, it’s for acid waste systems connections, you don’t want your juice pouring out onto your concrete floor undiluted before it even gets the chance to make it into the city owned sewer.

    Available in 1 1/2 to 12 inches, you’ll only be needing up to 2 inch max and then it can just fit into any wall you don’t already store your carbines in and nobody’s ever going to know and if they do, to bad for them & dead men tell no tales.

    Don’t worry about bypassing the city water meter, that’s covered in year 1 plumbing, the city knows leaks happen all over the place and never really check. Just keep a steady flow into that badboy so she doesn’t plug up with any solids/femurs.

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