From the desk of the Darklord

People sometimes disagree with me. Here in Mitchieville we may have given the false impression that we all automatically agree with each other. Let me be blunt: As Darklord, you have to suffer with disagreement. Marc in Calgary champions the non Union plumber position that the optimal disintegration chamber is some sort of concrete pit filled with smelly chemicals. Fair enough. I know that if he had access to the secrets available to him in the briefings of the Mitchieville Turpentine Commission he would change his mind and come over to the position that the 112.5 kV Brotron Disintegration Chamber is the superior choice in Disintegration Chambers. Secondly, putting Marc in Calgary on the payroll encourages inspiration and cements in the bonds of political loyalty. This is not a picture of Marc in Calgary. He is not under surveillance from the agents of Fenris Badwulf.

Effective immediately, Marc in Calgary is enfeoffed with a position on the Mitchieville Turpentine Commission. Let a Triumph be celebrated. The streets of Mitchieville shall delight to a marching band, baton twirling wenches, and plenipotentates being driven in 50’s era sedans. Mark your calendars: this coming Thursday. An afternoon buffet of liquor, dope, and whores will be available for the general public, You, The People of Mitchieville.

4 Responses to “From the desk of the Darklord”

  1. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    There are TWO pictures. Which picture isn’t a picture of Marc in Calgary?

    Or … is the cat not a picture of Marc in Calgary, and the other two folks are not pictures of someone else?

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    You are too clever. Do not confuse those who are already.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    All the disintegration pits I’ve seen were acid baths in the old school fashion, except for the feeding of the coyotes whereby they poop the digested remains out all over the Banff surrounding areas. A simple Coleman white gas stove with some maple flavored bacon on the cast frypan will bring the critters into your campsite, where they’ll find your co-host, devouring them and pooping the digested remains out all over the … ok ok, we get it.

    I’m not denying the 112.5 kw transformer will do the trick, there’s been a few characters out testing the system while the copper scrap price went through the roof during the next to last boom time out here in Cow-town.
    I don’t think the local constabulary were able to identify the culprits after that jolt / small fire / electrical outage. Still, they knew something was up in the neighborhood what with all the flickering lights and such.

    It should be obvious to anyone that the one eyed fellow isn’t me, I haven’t a bruise / skid mark on my knee/s. Cats are revolting things, and I only drink hot drinks from Starbucks. The desk has a pleasing patina though.

    I don’t recall those breasts, they ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    *edited for taste.

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    I agree with you Marc in Calgary. This is not a picture of you.

    Could you have the report on the Marketing Strategy Initiatives for the Turpentine Commission on my desk for the Tuesday meeting?

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