Facebook Bans The “Feeling Fat” Emoji – The World Is Now At Peace

If you’re a Facebook user and feel fat, or are “feeling fat”, don’t worry your giant glands for one more fat second, Facebook has banned their “Feeling fat” emoticon:

“As someone who has struggled with and overcome disordered eating, I know what it’s like to ‘feel’ fat. I have spent years of my life consumed with negative thoughts about my body and far too many days starving myself in an effort to lose weight. But even worse than the skipped meals and the hours spent obsessing in front of the mirror was the fear of what others thought about me and my body.”

She adds: “When Facebook users set their status to ‘feeling fat,’ they are making fun of people who consider themselves to be overweight, which can include many people with eating disorders. That is not OK. Join me in asking Facebook to remove the ‘fat’ emoji from their status options.”

And just like that, 16000 signatures were garnered and Facebook pulled the emoji. That’s right, 16000 signatures out of 1.2 billion users, and Facebook folds.

It truly amazes The Mayor how little it takes to offend this new generation of “internet activists.” Anything someone doesn’t like is immediately classified offensive, shamed, made to be taken down, and people’s individual choices are controlled. It’s not enough for this young lady to walk away, not use the emoticon, cancel her Facebook account, or even lose some weight, she had to push forward a campaign of control, to have something as innocent as an emoticon banned because she didn’t like it.

And in a strange way, this now becomes the ultimate example of fat shaming. Now, people who are fat, but comfortable in their body, are not allowed to use an emoticon to express how they feel. That’s offensive.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:


  2. Sisyphus Feels Phat Says:

    If you are overweight, I understand that there is difficulty in losing weight. If it were easy, everyone would be thin. It’s not easy and requires long term discipline. However, it is plain fact that being overweight can wreak havoc on one’s health. Demanding that a social media site ban a petty “emoji” might make you feel slightly better, but it does not legitimize an unhealthy condition.

    The fact that something bothers you is hardly cause to create a dust storm in order to have it banned. I am irritated by dozens of things I read and see on a regular basis, but it is disturbing how eagerly some people wish to ban this and silence that. Literally anything is now deemed offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. Truth, logic, and facts (and losing weight) mean nothing compared to how a (typically small) group of people feel.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    If you are not offended, there is something wrong with you.

    In today’s world, only those that can prove they are MORE of a victim then the next guy are important. Catch the spotlight, become offended.

    And win!

  4. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    Typical liberal/child behavior.

    Insist that the world change to suit her rather than change HERSELF to suit her, or simply change her attitude.

    Her feelings are HER responsibility – not the responsibility of anyone else.

    She needs a good slap in the face and a wake-up call – retroactive to about age 2.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I’ve been seeing a well marbled heifer on the train into the central business section as of late, she’s always on the same train, her glistening low neckline hinting at the full smorgasbord that awaits me.

    The litre and a half of screw top red we’ll consume should do the trick, lulling each other into a false sense of wonder over each other’s primal gifts.

    Friday beckons us, dessert will be served. I can taste her sweat beads already.

    (somewhat tempted to post my results under the heading, Hot or not, phat or knot)

  6. marc in calgary™ Says:

    When you say, “feeling fat” … what an awful thing (“fat”) to call someone you’ve “loved”. Even “feeling fatty” gives me pause.

  7. The Mayor Says:

    You raise a good point – is the phrase “feeling phat” offensive, or is it more a tribute to our inner city youth who are struggling from the effects of Colonialism in Africa 10 billion years ago?

    Steamboat – The Mayor doesn’t feel the young lady deserves a slap, retroactive to age 2. The Mayor believes you should always shake a baby.

    Always keep in mind that slaps leave marks, whereas a good shake is just a good shake.

  8. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    I hear you, Mayor. One man’ slap is another man’s shake, I’ve always said – since about a minute ago.

    Bottom line: she needs awakened as to the nature of reality.

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