Horoscope for the week of March 22, 2015

Aries: Some old fogey crosses your path for the better on Thursday. Better for you that is.

Taurus: Complications arise from the ‘three bosses’ style of leadership. Some young whippersnapper complicates things, but you will only find out later.

Gemini: A study of the politics of the Scottish highlands during the sixteenth century would help you sail through your week.

Cancer: Keep your thoughts to yourself. There are enough around you who will do your thinking for you. Just play along

Leo: Only you can save the planet Earth from destruction. You will accomplish this on Wednesday with the assistance of someone older.

Virgo: You will win the lottery this week.

Libra: A friend is someone who will help you put a body in the trunk of your car. You inspire friendship.

Scorpio: At least once this week, take all your clothes off and run around your house.

Sagittarius: You are being watched.

Capricorn: Everything is going according to plan.

Aquarius: Your displeasure at recent developments in tort law can only be seen by those who understand you.

Pisces: The great reward you receive next week is foreshadowed by the small reward you receive Wednesday.

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