Goodwill To Shut Down 16 Stores

It looks as though The Mayor is going to have to find another place to dispose of his broken Casio alarm clock:

Goodwill Toronto, which collects donated clothing and goods, then sells them to fund programs for people with learning and physical disabilities, announced it was closing the 16 stores it runs, throwing some 450 people out of work.

A short statement from CEO Keiko Nakamura blamed the closing of the 80-year-old charitable organization “on a number of factors affecting the retail environment. Goodwill is facing a cash flow crisis.” Nakamura is the former head of Toronto Community Housing who was fired from the city agency in 2011 in the fallout from a spending scandal.

Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Central and Northern Ontario reported total revenue in 2014 of just over $28 million and expenses of $29,218,954, according to the registered charity’s tax filings — which also show it received more than $4 million in government funding.

Please feel free to correct The Mayor if he’s wrong, but doesn’t Goodwill get all their shit for free? And, aren’t a lot of those Goodwill folk volunteers?

In other words, Goodwill gets their shit for free, gets generous government subsidies, doesn’t have to pay a bunch of people, and is losing money hand-over-fist. That’s like losing money on your garage sale.

Perhaps Goodwill needs to get back down to basics and stop acting like it is an actual retail store. It’s suppose to be a place where folks can go in and get a smoking deal on whatever. Clothes mostly. Having said that, if you have been in a Goodwill recently, you will notice that they price their clothing like they are Neiman Marcus. Yes, The Mayor understands that the George brand faux cotton shirt is lovely, but why would I pay Goodwill $7.99 for it used when Wally has it for $8.99?

Questions questions. So many questions.

Keiko Nakamura is right when he says there are a number of factors affecting the retail environment, The Mayor can’t agree more. But when you start off with free shit, add some free labour, and top it off with free government cheese, only to run your stores into the ground, it makes The Mayor think: are you an actual businessman, Nakamura, because it sure sounds like you’re more of a guy who is the former head of Toronto Community Housing who was fired from the city agency in 2011 in the fallout from a spending scandal.

Oh right….my bad.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    There are probably many important executive positions, executive assistants, and consultants that need to be paid a competitive wage (and benefits package). There would be the rent on the head office, and the facility upgrades like the super duper coffee machine and the free lunches. There is no scandal here, because the mainstream media (the leugenpresse to our German readers) would have found them out if that was the case.

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