Danier Leather – Another One Bites The Dust

The year was 1982, The Mayor was just a teenager. His hair was feathered back and he was grooving to the sounds of Nina Hagen. The Mayor was a punk. And an asshole.

He bought his first leather jacket that same year. He bought it from Danier leather. For $300. That was the last leather jacket he ever bought. Not because it is still around, shit no. That jacket disintegrated years ago.

That was the last leather jacket The Mayor ever bought, because 1983 was officially the last year anyone would be seen dead wearing a leather jacket.

Which brings us to the shit show called Danier Leather:

After struggling for years to revive its flagging fortunes, Danier Leather Inc. will liquidate its stores if no buyer steps forward with a rescue plan.
The firm announced Thursday it has started insolvency proceedings under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. For now, the stores remain open and all creditor claims are on hold pending the outcome of the proceedings.

And the reason(s) behind the demise of this semi-successful Canadian company?

“This is a company that has struggled to offer the right product at the right time, in the right amount, and given the warm weather this holiday season, it significantly affected their business,” said Randy Harris, publisher of Canadian Apparel Insights, a monthly industry newsletter.

Not only that, but Danier Leather was pretty much garbage from about 1990 on.

You see, there was a time long ago, in a galaxy far away, when Danier product was designed and MADE in Canada. Those days passed, and like every other product that was reasonably good, was sent offshore to be made in China. And The Mayor doesn’t think he’s talking out of turn, but if you happen to notice, Chinese goods are sometime’s not the bestest in the world.

Danier then became a shit-show like every other shit-show up and down the block. Row after row of pieces of blood-streaked shit pretending it was actually decent product. Vomit. Spit. Puke. Seizure.

Danier was like the chick you took home from the bar on a Saturday night, thinking she was good looking until you woke up the next day to find out you just had sex with a moldy hacky sack.

Or not. Hey, look over there!

Danier. Tits up.

Designed in Canada, Made in China.

Liquidated in North York.

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