Horoscope for the week

Aries: You will be challenged in the realm of shared resources. After you get your way, there will be some good sex. The Monday challenge will be from a lazy grazer with a legacy claim; and the Friday challenge will be someone nimble with a commonly recognized claim.

Taurus: The concerns of old people complicate your week until Thursday, when the concerns of people afraid to become old take over. The high point of the week is Tuesday, when I suggest that you be irresponsible and go off and gamble.

Gemini: An unusually steady week for you, Gemini. Tuesday through Thursday you will enjoy recognition, acclaim, and fame. But beware of the selfish motivations of some aging hipster who lives in dread fear of growing old.

Cancer: The setback you were expecting will only make you stronger. Talking about it to people who have the same depth of understanding as a wall covering sales brochure kiosk is only a tutorial in realization of how you have grown in wisdom.

Leo: One last week under the lash of people whose defining essence is fear of growing old, loathing for signs of age, and, really, aversion to the wisdom that comes with age. The person who wants to walk through life holding your hand is more important to your future than you know.

Virgo: You will win the lottery. Have an action plan in place.

Libra: Take on an older lover this week. Acquire antiques, and the true value of some of your older assets will become apparent. These opportunities will happen suddenly.

Scorpio: When your inner voice tells you ‘no good will come of this’, pay attention and act accordingly. You have a powerful and lucrative opportunity at your fingertips. Twenty five cents will get you ten dollars, but you must overcome your lust for that quarter.

Sagittarius: You will discover a system of political governance superior to democracy this week, Sagittarius. Those of your friends who are interested are more likely to be part of your future.

Capricorn: Inner work this week, even as you work away. Something electric happens Tuesday – Wednesday. It might just involve software, or grammar, or the public. I cannot tell you as it would affect your choices. After the fact, you will understand.

Aquarius: Something unusual is going on with you and all known forms of financial instruments. Check your coins for examples from other planets or having dates in the future. The person you show your future derived coin to, who does not think it a fine joke, is really a time traveller.

Pisces: The power of illusion is yours to command. Regardless, after the smoke has cleared and the mirrors cleaned and put away, you will have profound insights into things having nothing to do with what you were trying to accomplish. Such is life in the sea, Pisces.

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