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The sun enters Pisces this week, so new secrets are concealed, old secrets are revealed, and dreams take on a prophetic meaning. Practical concerns overshadow the spiritual, to the extent that one may raise up false idols. There may also be distractions from revelation. But that is just for everyone. What about your personal astrological forecast?

Aries: You will receive public honors on Tuesday. And by Sunday, public criticism. Now what happens on Tuesday does not lead to what happens Sunday. Heck no. Something that happens on Wednesday will be the causal event for the Sunday crisis.

Taurus: An obnoxious woman will cross your path. Suffering from poor eyesight or distracted. This troublemaker is trying to catch something faster than herself. Since public travel is indicated, this may be a road rage incident.

Things get better all week. Keep putting things off with a variety of deceptions because the longer you wait, the better it gets. You will get in contact with a childhood friend on Wednesday.

Cancer: Meet with a friend when the week starts; news of illness in the middle of the week; and then you should do something to improve your first impression on people at the end of the week. So, get a new pair of shoes.

Leo: One of your favorite shows will take a turn for the worse. You will find yourself working for a stranger. OK, you will help an old fogey at a shopping mall. Make sure they clean their denture before they put it back in their mouth.

Virgo: The Law is on your side and you will certainly win in a court, if it comes to that. Unfortunately, you are dealing with illogical primates who, well, are knuckle walking, bone brains. This week will give you darwinian ideas.

Libra: You will have a sexual escapade with an older person. The roots of this fling are found in an event that already happened, as for the outcome, you will have to wait until next week.

Scorpio: Someone with infernal connections has an outstanding contract with you. Maybe the details slipped your memory. Look to your dreams for insight. You will be magnified ten times if you come up with the right solution.

Sagittarius: If you study history you will find the historical model you are searching for. It will make you happy. All money spent on lottery tickets will come back to you when you win the lottery, but next week.

Capricorn: You will win the lottery. Make the effort to find new methods to achieve success. You will find them, even if you are distracted by upsets on public transit.

Aquarius: A secret enemy reveals themselves when they get a sudden illness. Pay attention to notes in a found book. For that matter, one of the lost Notebooks of Evil will come into your possession.

Pisces: Expect a birthday surprise. Those seeking to gain your favor will flatter you. Check your shoes before you put them on. Someone in your building has lost their pet scorpion.

2 Responses to “Horoscope for the week”

  1. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    I did not get any public honors Tuesday, but did run into an obnoxious woman – who smelled quite a bit of alcohol and oregano.

    Does this mean I was born under the wrong sign?

    How can I get it fixed? I was told by someone to drink lots of beer, but I’m dubious.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    This is a good question.

    If you send me your birth date, time, and location, I can have the staff astrologer look into the details.

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