Time For A Little Trudeau Moreau Loveau

The only thing separating me and my Moreau are my Calvin’s.

Upon first glance, The Mayor thought this was an advertisement for the Gay Pride parade in Toronto this summer where all the great Canadian leaders will be assembled, but alas, it is not. Perhaps it is a picture of Trudeau and Moreau sharing a Lifesaver, while the old guy in the background looks on approvingly. Speaking of the old guy and his approving gaze, have a boo at the next picture:

It seems he approves of man et woman as well. Good on ya, old guy!

And don’t you dare move a muscle, keep your facial expression the same for the next 900 intimate pictures.

Speaking of the gay pride parade:

Trudeau is expected to march in the parade on July 3.

The word *march* in this context seems a little heavy, it’s kind of microaggressive and makes The Mayor wish for a safe space. Couldn’t they use the word *prance* instead?

When The Mayor said earlier on in this post that all the great Canadian leaders are attending, he wasn’t fibbing!

Along with Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory are also slated to take part in the festivities.

And now with extreee special guests this year:

Organizers also have said gay Syrian refugees will have a place at the Pride events.

If that doesn’t make Islamic extremists love us even more, then nothing will.

One Response to “Time For A Little Trudeau Moreau Loveau”

  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Well, it is Black History Month and I do not see any Black people getting hugs’n'kisses from Our Fabulous Leader. This calls for outrage and a new community center.

    Otherwise, let the deficit spending begin!

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