Mitchieville goes to the Oscars

In keeping with our steadfast progressive principles, the leadership cadre at Mitchieville is boycotting Hollywood movies until every disgruntled lesbian, darkie, and whatever is no longer complaining about handouts, inadequate medication, or just too many bedbugs in the free housing. None of our money will find its way to the racist rapists of Hollywood. Instead, we will watch stuff for free by buying cheap copies in flea markets or downloading from torrents. Movies must be appealing to our demographic, and celebrate our diversity. Otherwise, our money stays home. Take that, racist rapist Hollywood.

In this spirit, I have here a prophetic documentary dealing with some Ukrainians from Edmonton rising up against some fops who want to steal their oil and tax them to death. Note how the bad guys in this film have a red and white flag, kinda similar to that flag of hate which is the Canadian flag.

Take that, you earth rapists.

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