Help A Brutha Out

If you have been fortunate enough to have drawn a breath the last 50 or so days, you are quite aware of the Obama administration accusing Russia of hacking the US election. Donald The Trump claims that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Russians hacked the election, while the Obama administration claims the exact opposite – that the Russians are indeed guilty of hacking.

Which brings The Mayor to this important question: The Mayor understands what the word *hack* means, and he also understands what the words *the, and election* mean. When all three words are strewn together, The Mayor pretty much catches the drift of what the sentence entails. What The Mayor can’t for the life figure out is if the Russian’s did indeed perform this hack, what did they physically do to alter the election?

For instance: The Obama admin claims that “Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process.”

Fair enough. But how did they do that through hacking? As in, how did the Russian’s undermine public faith in the US democratic process if they did indeed hack the election?

Did the Russian’s change the vote count per state? Did they produce false information and distribute it through government channels that were hacked? Did they claim they had 55 million dollars in a bank and if democrats sent them money it would be released to them?

What exactly did the Russian’s do to harm Hillary and the democratic process through this hellion hack?

2 Responses to “Help A Brutha Out”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Obviously the Russians released a movie showing an unattractive goat humping Mohammad which in turn caused the Benghazi incident that took Ambassador Steven’s life, and for you to claim otherwise just shows how barren your top shelf whiskey (with an “e”) stash has become.

    Also, murders have climbed to levels not seen since 1971, another year that there was a Republican President, and he’s not even a real President yet, merely a President Elect, just so you know what the Trump future might hold.

    Also, so, just stop your murdering.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    What you just said sounds exactly like the eulogy The Mayor delivered at Prince’s funeral.

    Except you left out the part about black lives mattering and save the whales.

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