Victory Coffee

I think this stands on its own feet.

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  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    The first time my daughter Brooke shot a rifle (not in anger) was at propane bottles in the Kannanaskis area west of Calgary during winter, they exploded with all the pent up excitement of a (somewhat) city girl causing petroleum explosions (not yet in anger) in the forest. I wept tears of joy as I heard her “woooooh woooooh” and the brilliant orange flames reflected on the melting snow as I thought of my own youth of shooting at pressurised petroleum bottles filled with excitement and not yet the anger of my first few years of marriage. I watched this video about 100 times. Every moment, a proud moment. I feel my anger fading away. It’s possibly a time for a drive. Remember when Fenrus Badwulf stopped his car in the middle of the road or possibly in the left hand turning lane to vent his built up city frustration and he simply put the four way blinkers on for a moment, closed his eyes, felt the worries of the world ebb away… well, like that.

    I have an “Uncle Rob” but he’s a heavy duty mechanic in Regina the city that rhymes with fun and his sense of humor is almost non existent as it may be the Volvo dealership and the swedes don’t allow that sort of thing. He’s not like your Uncle Rob. I especially like his (your uncle’s) steak cooking ability and of mixing fuels together for unmatched excitement.

    4 days to Mr. Trump goes to Washington.

  2. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    Marc – your uncle Rob may lack a sense of humor because he never gets to eat Propane’d steak seasoned with petroleum distillates. Or because the Swedes make him eat that noxious aged and rotten fish stuff they always feed to tourists while pretending to eat it too and smack their Swedish lips in faux delight.

    You should have Brooke shoot him up (not angrily) some Propane Steak but with no Swedish fish.

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