A victim’s perspective

I am an activist. My culture celebrates an agrarian utopia described in the poetry of Jeff Davis. As an activist, how do we seek out jouissance today?

Left-activism did not win the election for H.Clinton. Before the election, this failed movement (a dead end attempt to address the National Depression suffered by its cadre) allowed the alt-right seize control of sufficient state legislatures to push through their own gerrymandering program that neutralized the leftist never-citizen and never-worker voting blocs.

Another fatal misstep for left activism was their bungling reaction to the technolibertines of Gamergate and the eroticized dickwolves of MGTOW. These reactionary movements were allowed to form. Their mere existence was a mistake, a sign of weakness.

The lower rungs of left activism are filled with diversity, but no brains. Indeed, while the leadership cadre of Gamergate and MGTOW are raised up through trial of ability, the leadership of the left is driven by infantile display: weepy, whiny, and diaper flags displays of virture. By inspection, a rational observer can observe repeated failure, incompetence, and avarice. Only the Stalinist opportunists moving among the money trees in this (once unimportant) front have managed to keep the leftist effort in some sort of tatters.

After failing to kill Gamergate and MGTOW in the crib, the bunglers allowed it to grow through failure to master their own technology. These bunglers are incompetent at their core, and, one suspects, only mouth partisan beliefs through mimicry, like a monkey doing rap steps. Do they even have soul sufficient (and necessary) to comprehend Hegelian dialectic?

The Patriarchy has Mobilized! Admittedly, this is a mobilization as therapy to address the agony of National Depression. Regardless, the powerful Invisible Hand of the Market catalyses their development of anti-Thesis to left Thesis; and the Invisible Hand of the Market inspires their leadership to formulation of upwardly spiraling Synthesis. The leftists are left behind, embracing the tired issues of abortion and fag marriage. Attempting to solve problems using yesterdays marketing campaign. Boring. More repellent than banal, lacking the wit for evil.

The leftist media, the materialist, Stalinist re-bar of the eroded structure call for infiltration of the Conservative party of Canada in order to thwart Kellie Leitch. Grandpa’s tactics. Something to inspire you to put your teeth in in the morning. The progressive leadership is a third generation Stalinist gentry that has bred out competence. Stalin is dead. They have no Stalin. They rain imperceptible discourtesies upon the proletariate, the bourgeois, the everyone who is not ‘the them’. Incompetent, they cannot tell good ideas from bad; being stupid, stupid enabling, and stupid accepting, their psyches are incapable of representing conflict. Their slightest action excites oppositional forces, to which I sympathize. This is good.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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