Most Likely Trump’s Fault

Just two and a half months after opening, high-profile restaurant, Shaw Bijou, has closed its doors:

Longtime friends Kwame Onwuachi and Greg Vakiner opened The Shaw Bijou in November after spending nearly 18 months building the concept.

The experience was like no other in D.C. The tasting menu consisted of roughly 13 courses and cost diners upward of $300 a person. Depending on drinks and wine pairings, the tab could end up around $1,000 a couple.

The hell you say?

The Mayor supposes that at $1000, some couples might – and he stresses the word *might* – NOT be able to pay that much for a darn good meal. For $1000, The Mayor confirms that vegetables and a dessert were included. Gratuity will run you several hundred more, of course, but where can you go in this day and age and have a meal for less than a few hundred thousand?

While The Mayor isn’t one to spend a cool g-note on some slop some foreigner with a funny name cooked up, he does like to be a pretentious asshole just like the patrons that ate at Shaw Bijou. The difference is The Mayor likes to pretend he’s pretentious because it makes him feel like a big man and he gets giggles and gawfaws when he does.

For instance, if you want to be a food snob but don’t feel like spending $1000, have your wife strap your food plate on the dogs back and have Duke serve it to you. When Duke arrives with a plate of food strapped to his back, tell him the food is garbage and kick him in the ribs. The dog won’t enjoy it much, but it will prove to those you love what an ignorant and pretentious asshole you really are. Just like those liberal maggots who wasted their money at that craphole restaurant in DC.

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